Ancient Chinese and Indian herbs medicine

Many people notice that in the autumn sitting down to work and gather your thoughts it becomes harder. However, it appears that to improve brain work not so difficult and it can be done at home, using a mysterious Ginkgo biloba or drinking tea on the basis of Gotu Kola, rosemary or sage. Look at ancient herb that has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to improve brain function.

Scientists were interested in methods of preserving the bright mind and good memory for centuries. Two famous medical school: Chinese traditional medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine has paid particular attention to the study of natural means of maintaining brain activity.

Gotu-Kola is a traditional Chinese and Indian medicine

The Chinese and the Indians happy to drink tea on the basis of Gotu Kola (Gotu Kola), which increases tone and improves blood circulation in the body. This plant should not be confused with the Cola nut (Cola nitida). It does not contain caffeine. Gotu Kola is also a good antioxidant and helps to improve memory. The active substances in Gotu Kola stimulate the formation of collagen and contribute to saillenard. According to the legend of an ancient Chinese scholar lived for more than 200 years, as actively consuming this plant, which is one of the types of parsley and has no special smell or taste. The plant is rich In vitamins a, b, E, K, and it is a great source of magnesium.

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Ayurveda advises Bacopa

Modern science largely associates the deterioration of the brain in modern humans with increased levels of stress. The herb Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri), which belongs to the family of Plantain, improves memory, boosts mood and reduces fatigue. In medicine, the use of the plant as a whole. This plant grows in India and often it can be seen in freshwater aquariums and ponds. In medicine, the use of the plant extract.


Ginkgo Biloba as one of the foundations of Chinese medicine

One of the oldest plants on earth — the Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba), which is widely used in Chinese folk medicine. The leaves of the tree were used for centuries to improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism in brain cells and improve memory. Substance derived from the leaves of Ginkgo, are widely used in preparations for the treatment of vascular diseases and multiple sclerosis. Modern manufacturers have learned to get Ginkgo extract, not using harmful chemicals, which significantly improved the quality of the drugs, which include Ginkgo extract.

In Richmond (VA) trees Ginkgo ratut near the houses, they look like seeds

Traditional Chinese cuisine is widely use content seed Ginkgo. They cook at weddings and feature dishes served on Chinese New Year.

To find a Ginkgo Biloba extract can easily in pharmacies, it is being sold as food supplements.

Japanese tonic mushrooms

In Japan it is widely used “hairy” mushrooms or mushrooms “lion’s mane” (Hericium erinaceus, Bearded Tooth Mushroom), which have a tonic effect, improve the brain and strengthen the immune system. This is an edible fungi that grow in late summer on the stumps and fallen trees. The mushrooms are dried and used as powder additives. Also use extracts of the fungus, which is dissolved in hot water and drink as a tonic solution.

Tonic herbs

Herbs that help improve brain include: green tea, rosemary, sage, ginseng and ashwagandha (Ashwagandha) is a plant that is a wonderful adaptogen, i.e. boosts the body’s resistance to stress. To improve the mood and tone well suited: albitsiya (Albizzia), and Kava (Kava).