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Traditional medicine of Bolivia

The city is located in the heart of the volcano, which is extinct for many millions of years ago. And this could not affect of life city. So, the atmosphere in the actual capital of Bolivia is constantly cool. The temperature ranges on average from 4 degrees Celsius to 11.

And because of the pressure altitude, the water comes to a boil at 88 degrees, and not the usual 100. The Central part of the town is Plaza Murillo. Here is the Presidential Palace. By the way, so, despite the fact that the official capital of Bolivia is Sucre, La Paz is considered the actual capital of the country. In this square also is a monument of Murillo, created from bronze. Among locals the place is most popular for leisure activities, walking and recreation.

The main museums of La Paz is situated in the street Sally hayen. Their exhibits contain mainly historic. Looking at these cultural sites, you can touch the past of the city.

In addition to the high location, the town is famous for trade and unusual items. This happens at the witches ‘ Market. Here you can buy different herbs from the recipes of traditional medicine and not only, amulets, insects, volshebnoye and other magical items. The most unusual item is the dried Llama fetus, which, according to legends of local residents, may appease the goddess of earth and fertility. One of the most beautiful places in La Paz – moon valley. This part of the city “grow” rocks. Nature in this area, surprises the tourists and the residents with an unusual relief of the mountains, from parts resembling the surface of the moon. The outlines of the rocks of Moonlight valley so fantastic that every one can see any image.

The locals of La Paz not only believe in the power of magical items, but in fulfillment of dreams. The city even holds a traditional celebration of Alasita, is similar to some national holidays famous resort of Dubai, which, according to the townspeople, and helps to make the dream a reality. To celebrate the small streets of La Paz are filled with city residents. This mandatory attribute for each on the subject, embodying his dream that will soon become a reality. The event ends with prayers to the gods, especially the God of abundance, Ekeko.

Public transport in La Paz is represented only by buses and Tufi (minibus that can accommodate 5-6 people). As in any city, there are taxis. There is no subway. The kitchen of La Paz, though not famous worldwide, but delicious and inexpensive lunch you can always. In the restaurants of the Bolivian capital’s most popular snack menu. Among them, the pies, cheese pies, pasties, cheese rolls. Hot most in demand is a meat dish consisting of grilled pieces of beef heart with potatoes and spicy corn sauce.

For those who want to spend their vacation not ordinary and versatile, the La Paz Is the perfect place. Unusual impressions from this exotic place will remain for life everyone who has visited here.