Alternative medicine. Where is the truth?

In this article we will talk about what are the different types of alternative medicine, all these techniques such wonderful and what is actually true.

Today divorced so many different ways and methods of treatment and recovery, but I will try to outline main directions, without going into much detail.

So, there are 3 main areas of impact:

The impact on the physical body;

The impact on the psychology (metaphysical body);

The impact on the body’s cells using power.

The category, impact on the physical body include:





Reflexology and others.

These methods were widely disseminated to the masses. Yoga and massage, often considered a panacea for all ailments.

From such impact easily get the result on health. But this result is not reliable because obtained by using external influence.

The second category, metaphysical effect on the body, can be attributed all sorts of mystical and energy methods:



Therapeutic hypnosis;

Bioenergy, etc.

This method works, it is a fact and not going to challenge it. But there are mnogokanal and there are a lot of charlatans posing as the great magicians and shamans.

A simple example of the technique Norbekov or Simoron. There are also more exclusive methods, massages and energy work with the subconscious. It’s all effective methods, but according to “psychics”, if a person has no energy – it is difficult to help him.

But with the energy of a person, who works the third category:

Various approaches to nutrition;


Herbal medicine;


Cleaning, fasting, etc.

This type of exposure works from the inside and is also able to create “miracles”.

Actually, all these methods have the right to life, except for some particularly delusional. But the most important thought that should run in the mind of each:

“We need to use everything in the complex!”

If to take from each category a little bit, you can get a formula for perfect health!

The simplest example:

Home exercise or fitness will ensure good circulation and muscle performance;

A positive attitude, gratitude and good humor – will help to realize that life is beautiful and you are healthy;

Proper nutrition + Coral Water + Extension nutrition and regular cleaning will significantly increase the level of energy, cleanses the body from inside and will help the internal organs to stay in permanently healthy condition.

That’s all! And then, do as you wish, twist and fiddle with these kinds of alternative medicine.

The main thing – follow the rule of an integrated approach!

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