What animals eat
Scientists have proven that animals heal people. According to statistics, the owners of dogs and cats on average live 5 years longer, and horseback riding helps people to overcome mental…

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Parsley and recipes of traditional medicine
Parsley was cultivated in Ancient Greece and even then, appreciated her unique healing properties. Even in Russia, parsley is known since time immemorial, however, called it differently — petersilia, petersilia…

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Methods and forms of application of medicinal herbs

Herbs are natural medicines. Some, so strong on the effects that are used for the manufacture of drugs. Every year increases the focus on traditional medicines, mainly containing medicinal herbs that are increasingly valued not only among herbalists and doctors practicing traditional, conventional medicine.

Usually herbs are used externally. (baths, wraps, poultices and lotions) and internal in the form of aqueous infusions, decoctions, extracts, alcohol tinctures, teas and herbs, juice or powder of dried parts of plants. Let us dwell on the methods of cooking for ingestion.

Tinctures are obtained by maceration in water chopped medicinal raw materials. The smaller the crushed raw material – the faster it gives up its substance in the infusion. For preparation of extracts used leaves, flowers and stems. Infusions are prepared in two ways: cold and hot.

In the preparation of infusions cold, measured on volume and shredded vegetable raw materials placed in enameled or glass dish, pour the necessary amount of boiled water at room temperature, close lid and insist from 4 to 12 hours (depending on the initial volume and chemical costabissara). After this mixture has to be filtered and it is ready for use.

When using hot herb brew water temperature is 80-95 degrees, but not boiling water. Measured by volume, and shredded vegetable raw materials put in an enamel or glass( heat resistant glass) bowl and pour the hot water. most often in the ratio of one weight part of raw materials take 10 parts of water. The mixture close the lid, put in a water bath for 15-30 minutes and watch the mixture when heated, not boiling. After that, the infusion was allowed to cool at room temperature and filtered. The infusion of the plant is immediately ready for use.

The extracts are prepared by evaporation in a sealed container decoctions or infusions, usually to half the original volume taken. Extracts are made from all parts of plants (leaves, roots, fruits and others). Extracts more convenient infusions and decoctions that can be stored longer. The storage time depend on the chemical composition of raw materials. The extract is a concentrated extract from vegetable raw materials containing the maximum number of biologically active substances of plants. Distinguish liquid extracts, extracts of thick viscous biomass with a moisture content of not more than 25 % and dry extract – loose weight with a moisture content of not more than 5 %.

Alcohol tinctures

Liqueur obtained by infusion of medicinal raw materials by 40-70% alcohol or vodka. Chopped raw material is placed in a glass dish, pour 40-70% alcohol or vodka in the ratio parts: 1 to 5, 1 to 10 or 1 to 20. Mixture cover with lid or stopper and incubated in the dark at room temperature for up to 7 days. The tincture is then filtered, poured into containers made of dark glass and use by appointment (usually 10 to 30 drops per reception). Alcohol tinctures are suitable for very long term storage – from several months to 2 years.