The center of energy-informational medicine

“Center of energy-informational medicine” was founded in 2001 and became one of the first medical facilities in Samara, working in the field of bioresonance medicine. At the present time in different parts of the city are four branches of the Center, preparing the opening of the fifth.

The main direction of CAIM – computer electropuncture diagnostics and bioresonance therapy.

Highly qualified specialists using modern diagnostic techniques identify deviations in health status at the stage of preexisting diseases, determine the causes of certain diseases, and based on these data, the individual program of treatment.

The appointment is conducted in a comfortable environment – the test procedure is painless, does not require the introduction into the body in a short period of time the patient receives a large amount of information about your health condition and doctor’s recommendations for treatment and health improvement. According to the results of diagnostics conducted a session of bioresonance therapy.

For 8 years the specialists of “Center of energy-informational medicine” has developed a number of software copyright:

program “Life without drugs” provides a comprehensive survey of the body comprehensive therapeutic programs without the use of pharmacological agents.

the program “Eat and grow thin” will help everyone who is interested in the problem of excess weight. Spetsialistidele causes of metabolic disorders, make an individual Wellness program, choose products, accelerating the metabolism for getting rid of excess weight in the comfort of the body.

the program “Healthy child” will preserve and increase the health of your children;

the program “Harmony of hormones” will help keep women beauty and youth, restoring the normal endocrine sistemy;

the “Movement without pain” solves the problems of the musculoskeletal system;

program “Contract with the gut” will help to restore intestinal flora, remove inflammation, improve digestion.

Our center uses the methods of traditional medicine, known to mankind for several thousand years: acupuncture, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches), fungotherapy (treatment with medicinal mushrooms), Hatha yoga, massage, manual therapy, kinesitherapy ( treatment by movement), rebirthing (breathing exercises) etc. Advisory reception are also experienced professionals in the field of dietetics and psychology.

Work downtown and unique specialists – technique “Superplate” (development and improvement of memory and thinking), on cleansing the body by Ayurvedic method of oiling “Panchakarma”, etc.

For those wishing to get acquainted with the possibilities of the “Center of energy-informational medicine” in all branches are periodically conducted “open doors Day”, and in the summer, all residents will Park on the street Nekrasov, where on Thursdays there are free lessons and advice on all areas of our Centre.

We invite You to explore the possibilities of modern medicine and undergo rehabilitation at our Center!

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