Skin care (folk remedies)
Today, with the abundance of cosmetics, people sometimes forget about the old proven recipes for healthy and beautiful skin. The woman is influenced by nature much stronger than man. Indeed,…

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Thai folk medicine
Traditional medicine in Thailand is based on phytotherapy (herbs), but not only. Any plant affects the body in different ways. The recipes depend on the energy balance of the patient…

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What animals eat

Scientists have proven that animals heal people. According to statistics, the owners of dogs and cats on average live 5 years longer, and horseback riding helps people to overcome mental disorders.

Today zootherapy gaining momentum around the world. In the United States this treatment is used in children’s hospitals, the army and even in nursing homes. Australian scientists have shown that contact with Pets reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. And British researchers noticed that in those homes where there are Pets, children grow up healthier with great immunity and normal mentality.

Feline therapy available to all

An ordinary house cat can lower blood pressure and get rid of a migraine. It also stimulates the treatment of trauma and various inflammatory processes. That’s why she rests in the place where something bothering him. In addition, it is proven that cats relieve stress, fatigue, help with rheumatism, stomach ulcers and insomnia. Through research, scientists have found that stroking a cat for several minutes helps to normalize pulse, and blood pressure. Also, these Pets help to cure serious mental illness, heart disorders, brain damage.

Wenyuange assume that each breed of cats specializes in a particular disease. Interestingly, the sounds emitted by a cat, calm the mind, relieve pain and enhance the immune system.

Fish treat “nerves”

It has long been proved that observing fish in an aquarium reduces stress. That is why such home residents doctors recommended for people who suffer from depression and neurosis. Also fish are able to cause people joy and well-being, improve the intellectual level of each person. In addition, the aquarium perfectly adjusts the microclimate, and water evaporating from it humidifies the air, making it more useful for human’s health and his breathing.


Scientists have proved that contact with rodents helping people to overcome isolation, to overcome his inhibitions and fear. Also, mice, hamsters and rabbits treat various diseases of the joints, and white rats are considered aces on the neuroses.

Therapy dogs

Arrhythmia, ulcer disease, chronic bronchitis, degenerative disc disease, congestive heart failure, and other diseases, it is recommended to get a dog. It is proven that dogs are capable of preventing a nervous breakdown. This treatment is very simple – walking, petting, joint relaxation and even training.

Cold-blooded “medics”

Reptiles . in turn, help to strengthen the nervous system. They will also facilitate the course of epilepsy and neurodermatitis. It should be noted that even a simple trip to the terrarium will allow to cope with the neurasthenia, chronic pneumonia and congenital dementia.

In any case, regardless of your chosen pet, remember that zootherapy is painless and popular procedure that eliminates medical errors.