Chronic bronchitis, treatment of folk remedies

The disease is chronic bronchitis, treatment of folk remedies which is sometimes more efficient, brings lot of discomfort. Fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and the appearance of sputum is the symptoms associated with the disease. The danger of this disease is that it can turn into a chronic form. To avoid this, it is necessary to take preventive measures and to fight with the disease at the first symptoms.

Home treatment for bronchitis are efficient. It can be as basic and supplementary to medical drugs.

Useful tips and recommendations.

A universal remedy for bronchitis is the potato. It is necessary to boil the vegetable. not cleansing in the skin, and covering the patient with a towel to give a breath over a steaming pot. This warms up the Airways and cough are relieved. The process can continue for five to seven minutes. Then the potatoes need to get out of the water, cut in half and folded it in two packages. The resulting two flat cakes should be attached to the chest and back and covered by a blanket. If the potatoes are too hot, you can wrap a towel and adjust the temperature, gradually removing layers of tissue.

Chronic bronchitis, lectionarium means which quickly brings relief, requires a constant warm drink. The recommendations of the specialists suggest that regular tea it is best to replace the decoctions of medicinal herbs. The pharmacy can buy breast collect and brew it according to the recipe on the package. If you have the opportunity to harvest grass during the summer season, in the period of acute bronchitis is good to use St. John’s wort, oregano, and sage. In equal proportions should take the dry weight and cover with boiling water and then hold it for five minutes on a steam bath. The decoction should be drunk in the form of warm liquids with honey or raspberry jam. Good promotes healing drink of dried raspberry leaves. Hot milk with butter and honey can relieve a dry cough and warm the throat.

An effective remedy for bronchitis is the tuber of a black radish. It should be washed, cut off the tip and clean out the middle, leaving the main pulp and shell intact. Inside you must put the honey and close the remaining top. In this state, the radish should stand in the refrigerator for a day, while its juice mixed with honey. The use of the remedy should before eating one spoon three times per day. Honey can be added to the radish one more time, when the mixture is over.

Well contribute to the cure of diseases of oils and fats. Tips for using them are as follows.

Lamb tail fat must be melted and warm to put on the back and chest, cover it with polyethylene to dress warmly and to lie down under the blanket. Compress is best done at night and alternated with a mustard and banks.

Sunflower oil should be heated on a steam bath, to moisten it in a long towel and turn them around at chest level, close the compress with plastic wrap, dress warm and go to bed. The procedure to be repeated frequently is not recommended.

Internal lard should be melted, take a spoonful of product, mixed with fifty grams of butter and slab of melted chocolate. To use the tool it is recommended one teaspoon a half hour before meals. Such a remedy can be offered to the child that it improved their health with pleasure.

Chronic bronchitis, treatment of folk remedies which have been considered, can be treated at home for five to seven days.

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