We all know plants-healers perfectly correct energy at home, but their problem (and maybe happiness) that they can't come to you at the right time, to touch, to look into…

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Alternative medicine: the greatness and limitations
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Chia seed (Spanish sage). The properties of Chia seeds

In the era of Great geographical discoveries by the Spanish conquistadors actively explored new territory and including explored the American continent. Thanks to the Spaniards in the European culinary tradition there were many foods and spices. Chia seed (Spanish sage) were among new and previously unknown in Europe for products that have long been used in cooking native South America.

It should be noted that due to the natural properties of Chia seed (Spanish sage) the plant is used not only in cooking, but also traditional medicine. The Bela plant Chia or Salvia hispanica belongs to the genus of Sage, hence the second name, as well as the family Lamiaceae. The birthplace of Chia shall be the territory of modern Mexico.

In addition, the plant grows in Guatemala, but also Ecuador, Australia, Bolivia and Argentina. Remarkably, Chia white selects for the growth of high-mountain territories, which are located at an altitude of 2600 meters on the sea level. Spanish sage is a plant that reaches one metre in height, sweetbarbie, sometimes white blossoms.

Chia seed (Spanish sage) oval size that do not exceed in diameter and one millimeter. Chia seed (Spanish sage) may differ in color. Chia seeds are found in white, grey, and black. In addition, on the surface of the Chia seed you can find the original picture. Beneficial properties of Chia seed (Spanish sage) due to the chemical composition that coderit as vitamins and other undoubtedly useful for the human body connection.

Chia seed (Spanish sage) enriched with vitamins A, b, C, and K and PP. In addition, the composition of Chia seeds there are such macro – and microelements as potassium, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium and copper. It should be emphasized that Chia seeds are allocated a high enough nutritional value.

The average level of calories of Chia seed (Spanish sage) is at the level of 486 Kcal per 100 grams. Rather high indicators of the presence of a significant amount of fats in the composition of Chia seed (Spanish sage). In the chemical composition of Chia seeds is dominated by carbohydrates, followed by fats. From Chia seeds get a valuable vegetable oil, which is also used in cooking and folk medicine.

Historians have found evidence that Chia seeds occupied an important place in the diet of the ancient Aztec civilization. In the Chronicles of the monks of the Jesuit Order left notes that Chia seeds were inferior in popularity only to maize, amaranth and beans. To date, Chia seeds and flour and the oil obtained on their basis is actively used in the traditional cookery of Mexico and some countries in Latin America and the .th-Western States of the USA.

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