The world of medicinal herbs, treatment of folk remedies

Description: more and more people in the modern world understand the benefits of treatment with natural means. We can confidently say that herbal medicines have a more mild effect, less toxic, Show full profile… than the synthetic, non-addictive and allergies, have no side adverse effects.

Excerpt from the book BORIS Greenblatt’s

“DIAGNOSIS: or Treatment to live?”

Question: How cancer treatment can help “weed” and diet if not even the chemo? Show full…

Answer: Over the last 100 years medicine further and further departs from the principle that if the body gets all he needs from his environment, he will not suffer chronic illnesses (including cancer), and will quickly and easily recover from acute diseases. However, this principle is even more relevant today, when we all felt deficiency of nutrients in the abundance of food, as the soil has become very poor, and the process of industrial production of food removes food from our meagre quantity of essential nutrients. What is needed for our body (more precisely its anatomical and functional unit — cell) for a painless existence? We need 90 minerals,16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids. Note that among these substances, there is chemotherapy — it is our cells don’t need!

Medicine intentionally sets a high barrier for the treatment of severe diseases. You want to convince that if the disease is severe, the treatment must be very expensive, difficult and dangerous. Not does it remind you approach a dishonest mechanic to inspect your car that understands that you absolutely do not understand the subject? He will put up an expensive bill, and even flood the bad oil, so you make haste back.

There are many examples, when the severity of illness and higher death rate is absolutely not correlated with the seriousness, complexity and toxicity of treatment. Take, for example, a huge number of deaths from scurvy, which is in the throes of dying hundreds of thousands of people in past centuries. The treatment was extremely simple: lemons and limes, i.e. vitamin C. once sailors began to take in sail boxes of citrus fruit, so once the mortality from scurvy, which used to be decimated to half the ship’s crew, completely disappeared. CANCER IS primarily a CHRONIC disorder of metabolism of CELLS as a result of lack of nutrients, toxicity, stress, trauma, radiation, action of various pathogens, or a combination of these factors. If you restore normal cell metabolism (i.e. to compensate the deficiency of nutrients and eliminate other causal factors), the cancer process will cease and the immune system will cope with cancer.

That is why “grass” (which in effect includes all natural resources: minerals, herbal remedies, dietary Supplements) and diet (which compensates for the deficiency in the body of the most essential elements, but also limits the intake of toxins in the body) are simple in principle and inexpensive method of treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases. And expensive, toxic and dangerous chemotherapy (and radiation therapy with surgery) — it’s just a trick of unscrupulous “mechanics”, which is the official medicine.