The cultivation of medicinal herbs

Cultivation of such medicinal herbs, as mint, lemon balm, yarrow, sage is better done at the cottage or in the garden, despite the fact that they grow in natural conditions. There is nothing difficult, as wild herbs do not require much care, that is, desire and minimum effort for the cultivation of medicinal herbs in the garden or at the cottage. Some herbs can be used as ornamental plants for fresh air in the room.

Lemon balm should be planted in a slightly shaded place, such as near a fence or wall. It should be planted in moist fertilized soil. Remember that this grass grows strongly, that is, may occupy more space. The plant should be watered in the hot season. Plants reproduce by seeds or from the root. To speed up the process before planting the seeds must be soaked in warm water or try to grow them in containers with water.

It should be noted that Melissa was in the form of plants can grow on a windowsill or balcony, a pleasing light lemon smell and giving the room the scent of freshness. For the development of the plants required a well-lighted window, prepared soil mix and timely watering.

This plant is persistent and grows everywhere, and it can grow even nacinajuscego in the garden. To ensure that the plant does not increase and occupied large area, it is necessary beforehand to worry, and for rhizomes to provide any guard space. Peppermint is difficult to grow from seed, so it is better to buy ready-made plants. Other varieties of mint are grown from seed in a few months.

This plant, in addition to decorative appeal leaves with dull colors, has useful qualities. Unpretentious and fast-growing plant can be grown in any soil, in partial shade and in the sun, although it is recommended-drained, fertile, Sunny, well-watered land. In spring and autumn, the plant should be propagated by seed in spring with seedlings and dividing the Bush in the summer – the self-seeding or cuttings. In the autumn of yarrow should be cut, leaving about 10 cm above the ground. The bed should move to another place after 4-5 years. The plant should be fertilized with mineral fertilizers, to carry out normal watering, in the heat – intensive. Timely removal of color allows the plant to bloom several times a season. Using pridobivanje bushes can be shaped.

This plant is grown from seed, from seedlings and cuttings. Care is hoeing of crops and destruction of weeds. The stems near the ground is cut for the second year in the spring. In the first year the leaves tear in September, and in subsequent years – during the ripening of seeds (beginning of July). The plant should be fertilized with manure and NPK mineral fertilizers. For sage you need warm, light and well-drained soil so that water does not stagnate. Also it needs to be covered in the winter.