Alternative medicine, lechenii non-traditional medicine, non-traditional methods of treatment of diseases

Alternative medicine is a system of scientific knowledge and practical measures that are grouped for the purpose of detection, treatment and prevention of diseases, preservation and strengthening of health and working capacity of people, of life extension. Traditional medicine is the totality of people accumulated empirical knowledge about the healing medicine, medicinal herbs and hygiene practices, and their practical application of methods of alternative medicine to maintain health, prevent and treat disease.

The medicine can be divided into scientific and non-traditional. Scientific medicine includes a system of knowledge on healing, based on data from scientific and technical progress, linked to experiment, research, experiments, which are empirical knowledge and philosophical ideas that are scientifically based concepts, hypotheses, theories.

Alternative medicine includes all methods of diagnosis and treatment whose effectiveness at the specific pathology has not been proven in clinical trials. Typically, alternative medicine has a deep history based on centuries-old experience of a people. Today, an important aspect of modern medicine is its close integration of scientific and traditional medicine, European and Vostochnoy ensure higher effectiveness of health promotion and treatment of many human diseases.

Unconventional treatments for diseases

Medical science claims that the fundamental role in the development of the disease play rather than internal and external factors. Many areas of alternative medicine, by contrast, are built on the deep conviction that the root cause of any disease, and therefore a potential medicine lie deep within a patient, primarily in his mental and spiritual spheres. Representatives of alternative medicine see as your role is to help the patient himself to mobilize internal reserves, while conventional doctors lay all responsibility for the results of treatment on themselves and on the applied methods of treatment.

Today, there are a large number of non-traditional methods of treating diseases without resorting to the use lekarstvennyh medication, and use of exclusively natural substances. Among the most well-known therapeutic methods of treatment of diseases of the stomach, alergicznych diseases, gynecological, heart disease can be distinguished:

– herbal medicine therapy is based on treatment with herbs and plants.

stone therapy – treatment using hot stones of bone diseases, spine, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.

– aromatherapy – lechenie through scents, odors, vapors of essential oils.

– hydrotherapy,

– phototherapy or light therapy – treatment tonirovannym irradiation by sunlight and artificial sources of radiation (infrared, laser, UV), is used in the treatment of prostatitis and other urological and gynecological diseases .

Also widely izvestnosti, Chinese alternative therapies such as su Jok, acupuncture, reflexology, Indian medicine Ayurveda.