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Red elderberry: the benefits and harms

Elderberry exists in nature in three forms: herbaceous, black and red. Herbaceous elderberry is rare, more common are black and red. In Russia, the elder that was brought from Europe. It has been used for the decorations of gardens and parks. Undemanding plant have taken root and quickly spread throughout Russia.

Red elderberry – poisonous shrub with an unpleasant odor and taste. Its buds are egg-shaped, branch with fruit resembles a grape. The berries attracted by its beautiful appearance, but it is better not to try them raw − they are not only tasteless but also poisonous.

Given that the elderberry are poisonous, it should be applied with caution, complying with the prescribed dosage, under the supervision of a doctor-fitoterapevta

Official medicine does not use red elderberry for medicinal purposes, so poorly understood its chemical composition. But we know that there is the glycoside of sambunigrin, which forms hydrocyanic acid, and this known poison. However, this plant is used in folk medicine, and as medicinal raw materials use the leaves, flowers, fruits, bark and roots.

Useful svojstvenny red and its application

Composed of red elderberry contains the following nutrients:

– vitamin C – rutin;- essential oils;- fatty non-drying oil;- sugar;- organic acids;- volatile;- tannins – glycosides.

From all parts of the plant are preparing infusions, decoctions, which are treated in the joints, sore throats, bronchitis, rheumatism, pain at offset vertebrae and other serious diseases. External application of the tincture of red elderberry for people suffering from osteochondrosis, heel spur and other diseases associated with deformation of the joints, are downright miraculous. Alcohol tincture from the fresh fruit of the elderberry cook in a glass jar. One quarter of its volume occupied by the fruits of the plants, three-quarters vodka. Jar tight-fitting lid and placed in dark place to infuse. The tincture is put on sore spots in the form of compresses or simply rubbing.

Healers-herbalists offer recipes even from cancer, but in this case it is not necessary to consider such traditional methods as a panacea − the main treatment should be traditional medicine

The red elderberry is used as a diaphoretic for colds. It relieves headaches, helps with asthma and bronchitis. For bronchitis use an infusion of the bark of the plant, take half a Cup 3 times a day. To prepare the infusion from bronchitis, you need one tablespoon of chopped bark pour 300 ml of boiling water and infuse for 2 hours.

The leaves and flowers of red elderberry is used as an insecticide against crop pests. Shrubs planted in the area cesspools, toilets − they scare away the flies. With the help of an elder once starved bedbugs, from her smell disappear the mouse.

From the seeds of the red elderberry extract industrial oil, from young twigs make sponge toys-tweeters and small items for home crafts: spools, cops, bobbins.

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