Herbs and medicinal plants

The whole army of modest but very strong “green warriors green pharmacy” for many centuries in helping mankind fight a variety of diseases. Even the active development of traditional, scientific medicine does not diminish the importance that medicinal herbs and plants. The secrets of growing, assembling, storage and use of previously passed from generation to generation, carefully kept. But due to the fact that herbs and their use become the subject of study of scientists, they created a detailed reference, information about herbal medicine became available to the public. And now often a Cup of tea with Clary sage replaces “duty” for the headache, and the essential oil from the same plant, for example, is used instead of the famous Vishnevsky ointment, as it has excellent healing and antibacterial properties.

And this is just one of thousands of examples of the use of “green pharmacy” of nature. Each region is characterized by certain medicinal herbs and plants. Nature seemed to have taken care that in every corner of the earth man could resort to the miraculous power of herbal medicine. In the summer, during walks through the fragrant lanes or forest trails would like to collect miracle drug rasteniyav healing bouquet and use them when needed. But note that medicinal herbs and their applications require at least basic knowledge, and in the treatment of some diseases it is necessary to consult with an experienced doctor

Also very important is the observance of the rules of collecting herbs. All medicinal plants have their period when they are in the fully saturated with the healing powers. More safe and reliable to buy herbs, teas, floral and herbal blends for home aromatherapy, collected and dried by experienced specialists, in specialized pharmacies. And it is very important to follow the recipe of decoction, ointment, tinctures. Overdose drug from medicinal plants can also be dangerous.

Miraculous medicinal herbs and their applications were studied by the ancient physicians, in the absence of pharmacology as a science, natural medicines were the main method of treatment of diseases. The great Avicenna called medicinal plants effective “weapon of the doctor”. Effective properties of phytotherapy is the fact that many medicinal plants are closely studied by modern pharmacists, doctors and their components are part of medicines. The only pills or drugs do not hear a smell of herbs. But even the simple flavor of tea with oregano already improves the condition and gives energy for healing. Many medicinal herbs and plants plants are used not only in medicine, they are also an effective means of cosmetology. On the basis of their prepared various creams and lotions, shampoos and decorative cosmetics. Some herbs are also popular seasonings, like sage and oregano. Serves them not only fragrant, but also useful. Diverse application of nature’s gifts requires careful treatment – it is important to appreciate that prolongs youth, gives health and beauty.