The circus is the most famous Balinese healer

The faith healing and fortune telling – a common occurrence in Bali. If there is any spirituality, healing and shamanism especially, are for “feature”, Bali all mysticism is in order.

Any honest Balinese knows that there is another world and it is much closer to tangible reality than it seems at first glance, so to keep the balance between “good” and “evil”, “bad” and “good” — our sacred duty. And people who feel fine the rest of the world a better place, referred to as healers (from eng. healer – the healer) and turn to them for help when the energy body fails, there is a lack of energy or a certain disease on a physical level.

On the harm and benefit of such experiments does not speak only the lazy. Someone believes and does not neglect the opportunity to go to energy specialist, the other says that all this is at best useless, and sometimes dangerous, because this is interference in your power shell…

See also, 5 tourist mistakes in Belgrade, Romantic tour to Russia, Snowboarding in the Caucasus: Elbrus, Beautiful cities in the lens tilt-shift, Stockholm metro.Living in Bali, my opinion on that is smoothly transformed from “don’t believe and will never go” through “anything in life is possible, and perhaps sometimes useful”. As tablets, with one side an obvious evil, and when the fever and chills, any talk about that would be superfluous, it is necessary to help himself. Also with healers, sometimes it makes sense to go for a massage…energy.

Is Bali a famous person, a Heeler named circus. Believe me, people who live on the island and don’t know it, probably, does not exist. And if the healer from the book “Is. To pray. Love” Ketutu Liara. I have been told, a very ambiguous attitude. Simply say, it is considered not quite adequate, and his predictions don’t believe, with all the Circus otherwise. The ranks of his admirers are constantly growing, I meet friends, who in a whisper said “here comes the circus here helped, but Cyrus made and cured”.

Smiling Balinese circus – hereditary healer, his house is located in Canggu, next to the “Canggu club” (in these parts, ask, I will tell you, the signs on the house). The reception is in a queue, in some of the lunar days he doesn’t accept, will have to come another time, the cycles of the moon in Bali are revered perfectly. We note that there is no guessing and predicting fate, circus it is the healer. First, he examines the patient and feels. This happens in front of everyone, according to local custom patient treated in the open area in front of the house of the sorcerer, and then do a massage with aromamasla and lots of laughs. The healer acts primarily on human energy, though, and works with his physical body, hence the effect of seemingly simple massage.

The number of stories that I hear for a year and a half of life on the island, into the red. The bruises and contusions quickly prolonged, purulent wounds heal, the stretch pass. And much more, down to serious things. Don’t want to openly promote a particular disease in order to give hope to some readers, let me just say that if you have such things do not cause dramatically negative emotions and fears, I would suggest you to try. It is noteworthy that come as locals and foreigners alike, a fixed fee not – everyone leaves as much as you can. It is believed that the healer may not sell their power and then he will take it.

In Bali hundreds of astrologers, fortunetellers, healers and seers, but such fame as Circus no one, as we stood in the queue met at least three Russian people and other nationalities were missing. My girlfriend was stretching after a not very successful trip to the surf, well the circus it “squeezed” and it went…

These are the miracles. Will be in Bali, go. He’s very good-natured fellow, of the harm you will do. Feast for Balinese traditions.