We all know plants-healers perfectly correct energy at home, but their problem (and maybe happiness) that they can’t come to you at the right time, to touch, to look into the eyes, to take away the excess negative energy, relieving you from headaches, depression, depression.

* Japanese maple, geranium, moss, tradescantia

These plants not only heal, but restore power.

If the leaves of tradescantia turned yellow, it means that the apartment appeared “evil”.

Be sure to get the geranium. It is great energy collects dirt, make the air fresh and fragrant. The greatest power of red blooming geraniums.

When planning a breeding of any kind, you need to consider that not all plants “appear to court”, and only relevant bioenergetic parameters. Although, of course, there are among the plants – the defenders and the universal.

* Kalanchoe Blossfelda

This potted plant is a healer useful to have in homes where there is much talk, especially rudely or angrily. In other words, systematically going on “unauthorized” fence of a foreign power. Kalanchoe soothes and heals the vampire donor. The plant just need the people who are constantly dissatisfied with something. It refines the energy of words and thoughts, removes negative energy. This rule should not be neglected, because the energy of unpleasant words and thoughts tajeset atmosphere of the home that over time can lead to chronic diseases of all households.

Kalanchoe will help when sick at heart. If you live in the house the elderly, or people who are too heavy to lift, or that the slightest nuisance is perceived as a punishment, – care for a Kalanchoe. The flower will give these energy vampires need energy supply.

* Kalanchoe Mangini

This flower is useful to have in homes, where they live or are often people for whom the reality seems dreary, depressing. In our classification is the lunar vampires. Colors capture the energy of sadness, and the plant will take all the sorrow to himself. Thanks Kalanchoe even the most dull people will not be able to disturb the harmony in your home. Also this plant can help those who do not feel confident enough, or those whose aura is damaged from the outside.

Kalanchoe is able to accumulate energy and is especially useful if you have to perform some work in a short time. Even the laziest people under the subtle influence of Kalanchoe gladly take the job.

* Get a uzambarskih violets, Persian cyclamen, begonia (tuberous, many-flowered), gloxinia, primrose, basket peperomii.

These flowers are created in order to keep the house a favorable environment.

But don’t forget, there are houseplants that affect disadvantaged people.

Their General appearance: acute leaves, spot color, and thorns. All these “angularity” create negative energy, cause conflict and failure.

* Dangerous to the health of a large tree-climbing vine monstera.

Recently it is quite popular, especially in public spaces. And in our apartments monstera is a frequent guest.

* Not suitable for houses cypress

It’s a sad tree, the ancients considered it the tree of death and planted in cemeteries.

* Negative impact on energy at home has thuja

Note: seedlings!

The planting of seedlings on the Windows is also quite risky.

All of these peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers need to recharge energy – but where to take it early in the spring, if not the owners?

* Fern “family of vampires”. The fern has long been known as an energy vampire who drinks the energy out of others. None of the legend of the evil is not without the insidious fern.