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Skin care (folk remedies)

Today, with the abundance of cosmetics, people sometimes forget about the old proven recipes for healthy and beautiful skin.

The woman is influenced by nature much stronger than man. Indeed, the vicissitudes of life, climatic conditions and other factors primarily affect the most sensitive indicator of the skin. And it primarily affects women.

Modern medicine successfully learned how to “cheat” nature and hide the signs of natural aging. Sometimes not without surgery that is never going to health benefits and violates the natural energy balance of the entire body. At all times the woman tried to remain attractive.

Our ancestors came to this issue, as always, a more balanced and have used the tools of nature, which is able to eliminate the cause of the violation, and not to fight the symptoms. Of course, this is a complex of measures, which women enjoy today. Unfortunately, the reality of natural remedies nowadays quite difficult to find, and this is exactly what has been the trump card of our grandmothers.

I want to say a few words about diet. Note how actively penetrates into our life diet and the food culture of Western civilization. Look at the skin of Americans. Is this what we want? There are obvious signs of disharmony with nature. My advice to You, eat and drink, what belasteten for the inhabitants of the area and cultural traditions in which you live. Of course, do not forget that physical activity should match the food.

Now about natural remedies skin care. First of all, I recommend within a month to wipe the skin with lemon or a slice of fresh cucumber. Wash your face with Linden tea or sour mixed with cabbage juice. To remove makeup and nourish skin best pure peach or apricot oil.

If summer has left You a gift of freckles, wash with infusion of oak bark and treat the skin with a small amount of almond oil. Peach, apricot and almonds, by themselves, contain all the substances necessary for healthy skin. The rich content of vitamin E and the ability of these oils to penetrate deeply into the skin in a natural way prevents skin aging and gives a perfect protection from heat and cold.

If You have a problem with the “bags under the eyes ”, whip egg whites, add a teaspoon of Rowan juice and 15 drops of peach oil. Use the mixture as mask.

For dry flaky skin take 5 g of plantain, chamomile and mint, brew in a Cup of boiling water. Let it cool to body temperature and rinse the problem areas of the skin, then apply a thin layer of almond, peach or apricot oil and gently massage until completely absorbed. This procedure is carried 2 times a day – morning and evening for one month constantly reducing the amount of oil.

Drink yogurt and kefir. They give vitality to the skin from the inside out.

When burrs, fragile and brittle nails is useful to take a bath from usual olive or vegetable oil with addition of almond oil in the ratio 1:5. Baths should be warm, length of procedure 15 minutes.

Folk medicine has a huge Arsenal of tools to solve almost any problems related to health. It is important to use the tool and be confident in its quality. I wish You good health and natural beauty.

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