Medicine of the pharaohs
Knowledge of the human body, internal organs and their functions came to Egypt very early, together with the practice of mummification. Judging by the data, Egyptian doctors were well aware…

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Alternative treatment
Non-traditional methods of treatment are based on the experiences of diverse peoples for many centuries, and have a definite advantage: uses only natural remedies that do not pose harm and…

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What medication to take for colds?

In the autumn months people purchase in store medicine for colds and flu . In these months there is an urgent need for drugs to prevent and fight colds. Of course, that just at this time prices rise on cold medicine . The most popular 20-30 years ago and now are acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol. However nowadays there are a lot of analogues, which are more expensive. Therefore everyone chooses for themselves what medicine to take for colds . bitter or tasteless pill or powder dissolved in water, has a pleasant fruit or berry taste that relieves symptoms of a cold or flu. Simple nasal drops replaced the bright sprays in convenient vials. However, regardless of the smell, taste, color, both cheap and expensive drugs perform the same function – anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and others, that is fighting the symptoms of colds.

Colds are caused by viruses – the infectious agents that are embedded in cells of the human body and use them for their reproduction. According to the scientists, viruses that cause colds, there are more than two hundred varieties. Why in the world does not exist any best cure for the common cold . However, there are drugs that can get rid of the very unpleasant symptoms – sore throat, high fever, clogged nose, headache. And utilitaristic, as it turned out, you can save. Indeed, instead of aspirin (antipyretic anti-inflammatory medications based on acetylsalicylic acid) can enjoy the same tablet of acetylsalicylic acid, which is much lower than aspirin.

Instead of Immunal (medicines for improving immunity based extract of Echinacea) you can use Echinacea tincture, which is cheaper . than Immunal.

Instead of Tylenol and Koldreks (which relieve symptoms of cold and manufactured on the basis of paracetamol) use the Paracetamol which is cheaper than these drugs several times.

Medications cough Lasolvan and Ambrobene (on the basis of Ambroxol) replace by Ambroxol.

As for antiviral drugs, it is necessary to take them on the first day, when you feel cold symptoms (fever, appeared sore throat, headache, laid down the nose). Already on the second day of the disease in the blood of a man will be such a high concentration of the virus to fight it with all the drugs useless (as research), only you can put the liver and kidneys. It is therefore necessary to strengthen the immune system, and also to remember that if the temperature is lower than 38 degrees, then knock it not necessary. The body on its own to fight off the flu.

Best cold remedies for children

If a cold or flu your child, you should always consult with a paediatrician, who will prescribe safe cold medicines for children . Among them there are also cheap, and fairly expensive counterparts cheap drugs. Therefore, parents should ask the doctor, what medicines are more effective and less dangerous to the child’s body.

Television advertising is imposed on people expensive, supposedly more effective drugs against influenza and colds. However, these drugs are inexpensive and readily available analogs, the effects of which hardly differs from that promoted in commercials drugs. Therefore, each person decides which drugs to choose and how to treat a cold or the flu .