Alternative treatment

Non-traditional methods of treatment are based on the experiences of diverse peoples for many centuries, and have a definite advantage: uses only natural remedies that do not pose harm and danger to health.

The subjective approach to choice of therapy, the dependence of the result of the skills and hands of a healer, non-guaranteed effect, no clear techniques and methods explains the impossibility of the recognition of nonconventional methods of treatment by the world Health Organization, as an alternative to traditional medicine. Furthermore, alarming is the fact that according to statistics about 95% of specialists in folk medicine, unfortunately, does not have special medical education.

The most popular alternative medicine have been in China and Russia, in some countries, the activities of the specialists of alternative medicine, and chiropractors are prohibited, due to the fact that were not submitted results of clinical trials and evidence of the effectiveness of the proposed methods. However should bear in mind that unconventional treatments have a right to life, for those who have reasonable motives for choosing:

frustration in traditional medicine in the absence of the result;

reducing the number of medication;

the desire to improve the quality of life, and not only cure the symptoms of the disease;

the attractiveness and netrudoemkie metabolitesnorting medicine: physical exercise, homeopathy, acupuncture, honey and bee products.

The task that confronts alternative medicine, for many, sounds like the motto and appeal: don’t treat the symptoms, and to restore harmony of body, spirit and mind. In recent years there has been a trend of recognition of folk methods of treatment, but to treat them as an alternative to traditional medicine, the activity is highly questionable.

Among the methods of non-traditional treatment, widespread apitherapy using bee products, propolis and honey, Royal jelly, wax and bee venom and bee stings. Gained great popularity of Eastern medicine. the ideology lies in the claim that all human diseases are due to the person violating the order of the Universe, you need to return it to its former harmony. Widely accepted in folk therapy has hirudotherapy clinical bloodletting with leeches, acupuncture — placing needles in certain areas of the body, cryotherapy — cold therapy, phytotherapy — the use of herbs, aromatherapy healing with aromatic substances and many others. etc.

Special attention is given homeopathy was founded over 200 years ago as such similar treatment when the disease can be cured by a substance that in a healthy organism causes the same disease. Attractive that homeopathy has no contraindications, does not heal the symptoms but the whole person, and this slogan can be considered the engine of non-traditional methods of treatment.

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