Alternative medicine, lechenii non-traditional medicine, non-traditional methods of treatment of diseases
Alternative medicine is a system of scientific knowledge and practical measures that are grouped for the purpose of detection, treatment and prevention of diseases, preservation and strengthening of health and…

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What foods should be avoided during the reception of Chinese medicine?
What should be paid attention to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect means of Chinese medicine? Do I need to diet? Doubts on this score troubled many. Below on the example…

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Beauty secrets of Indian women

In every country women have their own special recipes and secrets of skin care face, body and hair. Take, India. The hot humid climate of this mysterious place imposes its own specific requirements for cosmetics. Indian beauties so much importance is attached not only daily beauty tools, but also cleansing. After all, perfect skin does not imply oily sheen or enlarged pores.

To give the skin a matte finish, and at the same time tighten pores, mix twenty grams of fresh lemon juice with the same amount of cheese. The resulting mixture cover the entire face. After twenty minutes the mask can be washed off.

To clean the skin and get rid of the porosity can be by conventional protein. Apply it on skin in a thin layer. While the mask on the face, prepare the lotion for its removal: in plain water, add a little lemon juice. A quarter of an hour rinse her face.

Dry skin requires a more reverent attitude, but also needs constant and careful cleansing. For this procedure it is necessary to prepare a decoction of herbs. You’ll need ten tea spoons of rose petals, which, incidentally, can be replaced by calendula . and half a Cup of buttermilk. Mix all ingredients and steep them on low heat for half an hour. After a few hours, when the mixture rises, it can be used as a regular mask.

Indian women in care used not only herbs,but also fruit pulp. Fruit masks so much that is simply impossible to count all. Importantly, in the preparation of such mixtures use the fruit free from nitrates, and various chemicals.

Prepare a mask of juicy melon pulp, add chopped cucumbers and tomatoes. Apply this mixture on face and after five minutes rinse the skin with warm water. No less useful for skin apricots or plums. Just squeeze the pulp and apply it on the face. After about ten minutes – fifteen the mask can be washed off.

About using egg white we have written. It was the turn of the yolk, which is a real storehouse of protein. The yolk should be mixed with a teaspoon of honey and apply the mixture on the skin. Mask rinse with the turn of the twenty minutes.

The ice in combination with the freshness of cucumber works wonders. Wrap a few ice spots with two slices of cucumber in a cloth and apply on tired or puffy morning eyelids. Compress will reduce redness and excessive swelling of the skin around the eyes.

To care for the body of a resident of India prepared a special bath. Here is one of the most popular recipes. Take fifty grams of starch and five milliliters of glycerin, then add to a pack of ordinary baking soda, forty grams of salt and a few drops of lavender oil. If there is none, replace it with pine.

Note that at one time EN you only need to use one tablespoon of the resulting mixture. So, to this basis, add a little olive (if desired, it can be replaced by any vegetable) oil, spoon fashion and a glass of milk . Milk may be either dry and whole. After such a bath your skin will become smooth and velvety.