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ORANGE: the benefits and harms of useful properties and contraindications.

Millions of people worldwide start their morning with orange or orange juice, because it is delicious and one of the most useful fruit among citrus. Oranges are widely used in cooking, cosmetics and medicine. Oranges as natural remedy used in ancient times. In addition to the health benefits oranges can also bring harm because they have contraindications to the use. About the useful properties and contraindications today and we’ll talk.

Description of orange:

Plant an orange is an evergreen tree of the genus Citrus of the family Rutaceae. Orange means “Chinese Apple.” From China takes its origin orange. Wild orange is not found and as suggested by some experts is a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo.

The composition of the orange:

Oranges are rich in nutrients and vitamins. The composition of oranges include vitamins A. b, C, D and e, and iron. copper, potassium. calcium. sodium, magnesium. the phosphorus, fluorine, manganese and other substances that help people to maintain and strengthen their health. Thanks to its excellent composition of oranges have a wide range of useful properties.

Useful properties of orange:

Apelsinovaya a great healing tool helping the body to cope with many diseases. Used in official and folk medicine.

Oranges enhances immunity, strengthen the body, improve metabolism.

Oranges are great helpers in the fight against viral infections.

Useful for the treatment and prevention of beriberi.

Oranges have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, reduces putrefaction in the intestines.

Oranges help to cope with constipation.

Help rid the body of toxins and metabolic products.

Oranges are good for endocrine system.

The best preventive treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Helps to normalize blood pressure.

Eating oranges helps to improve the quality of blood.

Oranges help to reduce cholesterol.

Have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Help for fatigue and lack of energy. Are a good source of energy.

Oranges help to cope with diseases of the oral cavity.

Folic acid, found in large quantities in the composition of oranges, is the main female vitamin. Folic acid helps prevent birth defects in the child during conception and pregnancy.

Oranges contribute to the destruction of cancer cells and help in the fight against cancer.

Help in the fight against overweight

Oranges have a rejuvenating effect.

Caloric content of orange:

Oranges are considered a low calorie product. Single orange contains about 80 calories.

Contraindications orange:

Oranges should not be consumed by people suffering from gastritis with high acidity, stomach ulcers, and bowel disorders.

It is worth remembering that by eating oranges, you should know moderation as excessive consumption may lead to obesity or diabetes.

In addition oranges will be adversely affected the enamel of the teeth. So after eating oranges to rinse your mouth.

Eat oranges with pleasure, but in moderation! And stay healthy.

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