Marigold or calendula officinalis

We’re in a hurry, in a hurry, afraid even for an instant to look back. We are all the time busy. Not to what. And our life flies by. We do not have time to live, not seeing anything around him.

It’s sad, it’s scary, it’s wrong. Sometimes we don’t notice what’s around next. And the world is so beautiful. The variety of its flowers and colors is amazing.

Marigold, simple beauty

But if you look back, the most common flower bed you will see. What? A miracle, her beauty you can see. And this is our simple calendula, marigolds, differently it is called. Many do not realize that long ago it grew in a completely different part of the world. She came to us from Asia. But in spite of that love her far beyond its borders, including in Europe. Well she feel and cool our climate.

Many marigolds known exclusively as a medicinal plant. Inherent properties such as antibacterial, fairly wide-spectrum antibiotics, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory properties. Well stimulates the immune system.

Take note of this. It can be called a first aid kit. which grows near us, on a conventional bed or a bed.

It can easily become the center piece in any garden, flower beds sleep according to where those are located, if the cottage, town square or Park. It planted individually or together with other colors. Any of these options a win-win.

It is a versatile plant in any case will look harmonious. In its homeland this flower had magical properties. The bright yellow coloring of the petals was akin to the rays of the sun. It is a flower of mystery, and seemingly so simple and straightforward.

Growing marigolds

Growing calendula (marigold) does not represent any special difficulties. This simple process available to everyone. Only need the desire and patience. And everything will be fine.

This, oddly enough, originally a weed that grew when far away from our harsh climate, has frost resistance. It tolerates weather conditions in our latitude, wind, snow and torrential rains, she is used to them, was dear and beloved to us. Even freezing at -5 degrees it is able to migrate.

This little plant loves the light, runs with all his being to the rays of the sun. But the heat and drought tolerate bad, consider this point, your calendula. Otherwise, the flowers are not large, and bloom they will not last long.

Therefore, the place of its future growth should be located in partial shade, nails and definitely you will enjoy their bright flowers. This plant loves moisture.

Don’t forget to water the calendula,

without it the plant will suffer.

In dry periods it should be watered about 3 times a week. Don’t forget to remove dead dried buds, this will allow you to get a greater number of flowers to achieve a lush flowering. The effect will not keep itself waiting long.

Most importantly, those of the inflorescence, which are subject to removal, can be used as a drug. Here are some amazing plant –calendula. This should be remembered.

Not everyone knows, but not all varieties of marigolds are medicinal. But it doesn’t diminish them in our eyes. You can use them at their summer cottage, the garden. There they will be faithful helpers.

If they are planted with such plants as onions, garlic, strawberries, strawberry, they will help them grow, protect from pests. Afraid of them, and Colorado beetles, according to many growers, this beautiful flower will scare away from the garden variety caterpillars, aphids, nematodes, smell, which they cannot tolerate.

Known cases where calendula, multiply by self-seeding, plots and orchards, later for many years was cultivated by gardeners. Undoubtedly, this is a great plant. Always keep in mind about its properties. And it will be your faithful friend and ally.