Marigold or calendula officinalis
We're in a hurry, in a hurry, afraid even for an instant to look back. We are all the time busy. Not to what. And our life flies by. We…

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The world of medicinal herbs, treatment of folk remedies
Description: more and more people in the modern world understand the benefits of treatment with natural means. We can confidently say that herbal medicines have a more mild effect, less…

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Healing – definition

Healing is the process of partial or full recovery of individuals in accordance with its natural norms through the regulation of energy metabolism. Man is self-healing. And one of the goals of healing is to assist and accelerate the attainment of holistic Wellness.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is healing, built on the collaborative work of the healer and the patient and is associated with knowledge of the laws of Nature. In the course of spiritual healing person takes responsibility for their own health, resulting in changing stereotypes of unnatural forms of behavior. In exchange there is a conscious tab on the subconscious forms of behavior, corresponding to the inner essence of man (his spirit). Ie man, or yogi, puts their behavior into the framework of natural laws and, thereby, reach a greater number of degrees of freedom in its manifestations.

The laws of healing

The laws of healing are those laws that allow you to harmoniously carry out medical practice. A list of some of the laws of healing .

Do no harm.

Without being asked is not the goal (do not ask – do not go).

Healer – heal.

The healer should not feel sorry for patients.

Otherwise he takes his problem and shortens its life.

To be humane (compassionate).

To be pretindea patients, not alienate them from themselves by their treatment.

Magic and healing

Healing and magic practices in both these areas is connected with a deep knowledge of the subtle world. In the tradition of our School of magic is a function of the fracture (the executioners), and the healing function of transformation (orderlies). Healer of the same rank as a mage is more spiritual and competent person in matters of device human influence. So an experienced healer is able to remove the damage, omens, magic, curses and other magical effects that are, in fact, are destructive. And mage in very rare cases, can restore man to a state of integrity, without destroying any other systems in his body.

Esoteric healing

Esoteric healing is healing, including methods developed by official medicine, as well as using methods based on knowledge of the human subtle bodies, their relationships and the basics of energy supply. Competent esoteric healing is fully relevant to the term healing, as it restores the individual to the level of material bodies, bodies of the soul and strengthens the spirit of man.

The basics of healing

The basics of healing are complying with the laws of healing . ethics of healing . An important aspect in healing is the knowledge of the rituals of healing that allows the healer to act on the subtle planes. The basis of healing is the knowledge of the healer and the observance of the laws of Nature – a constant spiritual growth. The basis of this could be yoga, as a lifestyle. Natural yoga. we are studying within the school of yoga allows a person pursuing a path of healing, gradually and harmoniously to learn the basics of healing.

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