Alternative medicine: the greatness and limitations

There is much on light, friend Horatio,

what did not dream our wise men.

William Shakespeare “Hamlet”

People using traditional and non-traditional (alternative) treatment methods, make their own conscious choice, taking responsibility for their health.

If in terms of traditional medicine are more or less clear, alternative medicine needs to be explained.

Non-traditional (alternative) medicine – conventional concept that combines methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases, which for one reason or another have not received universal acceptance among physicians ( Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia ).

Alternative medicine extensive. According to the world Health Organization (who) to be treated:

– manual therapy (bonesetting, osteopathy, kinesiology, massage, chiropractic);

– herbalism (herbalism and aromatherapy);

– impact on biological points (acupuncture, acupressure, acupuncture);

– bio-energy (bioenergy corrections, bioenergy therapy, treatment by suggestion,meditation);

– spiritual healing (healing prayers, incantations).

Because many alternative healers (healers, psychics, shamans, wizards and other) are ready to take on any disease and eliminate it, the person who wishes to seek help, it becomes difficult to determine how and where to get the best treatment (healing). Sometimes it is very difficult to find reliable and accurate information, to choose a good knowledgeable and more able specialist (healer), while not falling into the hands of quacks and swindlers.

Proceeding from all this, you should be careful and watch out for those healers who:

– claim their healing method is the best or indeed the only true;

– requesting for their services a lot of money and give a 100% guarantee of a successful outcome;

– promise too fast or on the contrary a long time healing;

– refuse to consult with other specialists;

– know the answers to all your questions and will solve any of your problem.

Of course, there are knowledgeable people with sufficient experience, proven time and again their ability and skill. Know about them, talk about them, recommend them. Because alternative medicine is a collection of people accumulated knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation worthy people.

Consider the main reasons why people tend to choose alternative treatment:

– the desire to be healed and be healthy;

– understanding the ineffectiveness of selected traditional treatments;

– the belief that traditional medicine treats the symptoms and not the cause;

– rejection of large number of received chemical drugs;

– distrust of the professionalism of doctors;

– review as the last chance or hope of recovery.

Values and lifestyles play a significant role for each of us. Therefore, we must always remember that maintaining health is an ongoing holistic process associated with creating and maintaining harmony not only physical but also emotional, mental, and spiritual component of man.