Academy Health

As a result of the absence of a strong immune system, stable psyche, and pollution of the ecological environment, in our world, there are many unknown to our ancestors diseases, such as AIDS, various mutations of the flu virus(avian, swine, etc.) and new forms of cancer. In addition, significantly increased the number of cardiovascular diseases. It is obvious that the result of the progression of the global economic crisis will be a new milestone in the development of diseases threatening the life of each of us individually and the human population as a whole.

The exit from this situation lies beyond the sphere of influence of modern medicine, based on the products of pharmaceutical industry, i.e., it cannot be replaced with money or medicines.

Good health and success come to the people, free from the stress. Our stress generated errors and problems resulting from these errors. Knowing how to reduce and get rid of these errors, and brings us harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.

To ensure the survival and prosperity of both an individual and community as a whole throughout our planet, it is vital for us to master the knowledge of the universal laws of harmony of existence. Therefore, every day become more and more popular technology of the disclosure potencialidade person.

So today’s world heightens the need of the population for specialists in improving techniques and harmony of human life.

If You experience the desire to live harmonious and healthy lives, then, using the received at the Academy Health knowledge, will be able to successfully improve all spheres of individual and social life.

S modern technology and training. which are used in our Academy, give the chance to get you and a set of theoretical knowledge and training and seek practical methods of healing, recovery and harmonization with the best masters past and present.

Training is possible in any convenient for You time and any place where there is a computer and the Internet.

Although today there are hundreds of methods and approaches to rehabilitation, but comprehensive studies of healing technology that gives real results in modern conditions, are carried out extremely rarely.

For many reasons, including those related to inter-religious differences and promote “only right way” in different schools, now almost never occur educational institutions of similar profile, where in a single program includes a variety of teachings, modalities of healing and harmony, aiming at personal and spiritual growth of man.

This problem is successfully solved in the Academy of Health. Because of this, we have a unique opportunity to teach a holistic perception of the technology improvement of complex human-environment, regardless of the methods to certain schools and teachings.

Specialists of the International Center for Studies Human Health for decades collecting materials and techniques, exploring the practices and techniques of many spiritual and healing schools of ancient and modern masters of the various religious and philosophical doctrines.

Thus, every student gets an opportunity to simultaneously reveal the essence and gain an understanding of the variety of approaches.

You can learn about the approaches to the issues of harmonization and the principles of healing work from the true masters.