Homemade beauty recipes

Nowadays it is very difficult to be beautiful and healthy at the same time. Since many women do not have time to take care of yourself — work, home, family, children, all of this is spent a lot of time.

Currently there are many ways to be beautiful. In pharmacies of the city sell various medications, creams, but the cost of such funds is not always acceptable for your budget.

Let’s look at whether it is possible to be beautiful and to stay young without surgery, creams and medicines. In our world there are many home beauty recipes that take the least time.

Beauty recipes at home

Let’s start with the figures:

To be in shape, every morning should start with a light charge and run, then come home take a cold shower, then a hot Cup of coffee and eat an Apple. Try to sometimes do the fasting day, namely to drink only water. Three hours before sleep try not to eat and before going to bed drink kefir. Taking it into a habit, you will always be in shape.

In the morning to Wake up fresh on the night, ventilate the room, sleep on a comfortable pillow. And you Wake up, RUB the ears with both sides, drowsiness will pass. So, not bothered by the bags under your eyes keep in my freezer kubicela and every morning apply to face. And can also freeze the chamomile solution and wipe your face with it. In order to have white teeth wipe them with a solution of baking soda and lemon juice, then you will have to Shine and whiten. For the growth of eyelashes you can use castor oil, it will add length and thickness to your lashes and brows.

For hair growth use burdock in hot form at the hair roots. Never wash hair with hot water, preferably wash warm, hair shone. And don’t wash them every day, it spoils the structure of the hair, they become brittle. For the body try to use the scrub apricot pits. Try not to shave with a machine. It is better to choose sugaring, it will make the hair thinner and hair will grow less. Try to use moisturizers for the face.

Drink plenty of vitamins, eat fruit. Eat healthy, make your diet healthy diet. Often take baths with aroma. Breathe the fresh air. Observe the hygiene of the body. Connect with positive people. Less nervous.

Traditional recipes of beauty

(grandma’s tips)

1) To maintain the youthfulness of your hands – hands and anoint with lemon pulp.

2) To prevent hair loss need to wipe the scalp by jojoba oil.

3) That hair has always been silky and not falling out you can use calamus root, loukoumi leaves and nettles (to make a decoction, taking each plant in the same amount).

4) To prevent the appearance of dark circles under the eyes – before bedtime, apply on the skin around the eyes massaging castor oil.

5) get Rid of pimples — helps essential oils of tea tree and lavender.

6) If the hands sherawat – do baths for hands with potato starch.

7) to moisturize dry skin and soften skin – use an infusion of the pith or juice of sea buckthorn.

8) Rejuvenating an effect has a mask made of honey and sea salt.

9) If you are losing your hair – wash your hair with an infusion of burdock.

10) to preserve the youthfulness of hands – lubricate them before bedtime olive oil with lemon juice.

11) to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to fight them — need to do a face mask of honey.

12) For hair use the infusion of nettle or mask, which includes colorless henna and warm yogurt.

13) to deeply cleanse the pores of the facial skin – make a mask of whipped egg yolks and lemon juice.

Observing, these homemade beauty recipes you will always look young and beautiful at the lowest cost.

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