Healer workshop

We invite all those wishing to develop their psychic abilities, to obtain a broad knowledge and practical skills in the most effective methods of energy healing, to learn to read information of the surrounding world, to use different energies of our Universe to run and the materialization of the desired processes. Having mastered this broad range of possibilities in healing arts, you can become an experienced diagnostician and therapist for their loved ones, and for a wide range of people.

The school program includes such main subjects:

1. Dowsing – the art of readable information using the pendulum. This method is based on using the power of thought and represents the interaction of man with “thin” worlds and information field of the Universe. The pendulum is a great helper in everyday life – it helps to determine the quality of water, food, the usefulness of the use of drugs, the location of geopathogenic zones in your homes, to find lost objects, to test equipment and to answer questions.

2. The energy structure of man – the anatomy of energy body, of relationships of the subtle bodies, chakras, meridians. Study of various types of lesions energy systems (damage, evil eye, ancestral curses,energy parasites, energy extraction, etc.), as well as the study of methods to restore damaged bodies and relationships.

3. Healing wave is a group of methods of healing, based on the property of any material, the energy of an object or situation to radiate waves of information. The basis for these methods based on different techniques and ways of influencing information for the purpose of adjusting and correcting to the required parameters, which ultimately allows you to control the processes of the material world recovery, the correction of the situations and karma.

4. Polar healing – this energy method is based on tracking and adjusting natural energy polarities of a person that affects his behavior, relationship with others, the fate and health.

5. Psychosomatics and the underlying causes of diseases is one of the most important disciplines of our school, allowing to determine and to influence the true causes of negative situations and deviations in the energy and physical health. Fix the root causes automatically breaks the chain of subsequent causes, completely removes information about the disease that gives the maximum positive effect in the treatment.

6. Anatomy of the human body – learning the basics of the structure of the physical body, systems of interaction and mutual influence of organs.

7. Complex diagnostics of the organism – on the basis of all knowledge learned in school, following a clear algorithm and system issues, you will be able to make a very accurate diagnosis of the body and its energy that will allow you to choose the most effective treatment.