Healing – definition
Healing is the process of partial or full recovery of individuals in accordance with its natural norms through the regulation of energy metabolism. Man is self-healing. And one of the…

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Methods and forms of application of medicinal herbs
Herbs are natural medicines. Some, so strong on the effects that are used for the manufacture of drugs. Every year increases the focus on traditional medicines, mainly containing medicinal herbs…

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Alternative medicine: the greatness and limitations

There is much on light, friend Horatio,

what did not dream our wise men.

William Shakespeare “Hamlet”

People using traditional and non-traditional (alternative) treatment methods, make their own conscious choice, taking responsibility for their health.

If in terms of traditional medicine are more or less clear, alternative medicine needs to be explained.

Non-traditional (alternative) medicine – conventional concept that combines methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases, which for one reason or another have not received universal acceptance among physicians ( Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia ).

Alternative medicine extensive. According to the world Health Organization (who) to be treated:

– manual therapy (bonesetting, osteopathy, kinesiology, massage, chiropractic);

– herbalism (herbalism and aromatherapy);

– impact on biological points (acupuncture, acupressure, acupuncture);

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Academy Health

As a result of the absence of a strong immune system, stable psyche, and pollution of the ecological environment, in our world, there are many unknown to our ancestors diseases, such as AIDS, various mutations of the flu virus(avian, swine, etc.) and new forms of cancer. In addition, significantly increased the number of cardiovascular diseases. It is obvious that the result of the progression of the global economic crisis will be a new milestone in the development of diseases threatening the life of each of us individually and the human population as a whole.

The exit from this situation lies beyond the sphere of influence of modern medicine, based on the products of pharmaceutical industry, i.e., it cannot be replaced with money or medicines.

Good health and success come to the people, free from the stress. Our stress generated errors and problems resulting from these errors. Knowing how to reduce and get rid of these errors, and brings us harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.

To ensure the survival and prosperity of both an individual and community as a whole throughout our planet, it is vital for us to master the knowledge of the universal laws of harmony of existence. Therefore, every day become more and more popular technology of the disclosure potencialidade person.

So today’s world heightens the need of the population for specialists in improving techniques and harmony of human life.

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Homemade beauty recipes

Nowadays it is very difficult to be beautiful and healthy at the same time. Since many women do not have time to take care of yourself — work, home, family, children, all of this is spent a lot of time.

Currently there are many ways to be beautiful. In pharmacies of the city sell various medications, creams, but the cost of such funds is not always acceptable for your budget.

Let’s look at whether it is possible to be beautiful and to stay young without surgery, creams and medicines. In our world there are many home beauty recipes that take the least time.

Beauty recipes at home

Let’s start with the figures:

To be in shape, every morning should start with a light charge and run, then come home take a cold shower, then a hot Cup of coffee and eat an Apple. Try to sometimes do the fasting day, namely to drink only water. Three hours before sleep try not to eat and before going to bed drink kefir. Taking it into a habit, you will always be in shape. Continue reading