Thai folk medicine

Traditional medicine in Thailand is based on phytotherapy (herbs), but not only. Any plant affects the body in different ways. The recipes depend on the energy balance of the patient and his disease, because people with the same diagnoses doctors may receive different treatment.

Besides drugs, you can use the services – acupuncture, Thai massage, diet therapy, meditation. Herbal medicines are widely used for compresses, steam inhalation, at the time of adoption of the baths and saunas. Proved to be excellent in treating all kinds of diseases: body lotions, balms for joints, massage the pouches of herbs, bitters for cleansing vessels. Traditional medicines can be found in the pharmacies of the country .

Recipes folk remedies stored and transmitted dedicated.It is, as a rule, the descendants of Thai healers or monks living in temples deep in the mountains. In these places people are coming from all corners of Thailand and beyond. They do not advertise and find out about them only to locals.

Sometimes folk remedies look very unusual for foreigners. Dried snake, snake tincture of viscera, the infusion of special species of scolopender centipede. Tincture of scolopendra is added to the micro – doses in other funds. Helps to improve digestion, treat tumors. Warm oil rubbing nastoikas with this terrible insect — helps with pain in joints and muscles, and colds and coughs, and headaches (massage a little oil to certain points on the head).

Collection of herbs with the addition of tincture of black Scorpions — increases male strength, normalizes blood pressure and relieves muscle spasms.

Now, many traditional medicines are studied in large Medical institutions of Thailand. Some medications that can be bought at Thai pharmacies — based on the recipes of folk medicine.

Important point — the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in a Thai monastery. Continue reading


We all know plants-healers perfectly correct energy at home, but their problem (and maybe happiness) that they can’t come to you at the right time, to touch, to look into the eyes, to take away the excess negative energy, relieving you from headaches, depression, depression.

* Japanese maple, geranium, moss, tradescantia

These plants not only heal, but restore power.

If the leaves of tradescantia turned yellow, it means that the apartment appeared “evil”.

Be sure to get the geranium. It is great energy collects dirt, make the air fresh and fragrant. The greatest power of red blooming geraniums.

When planning a breeding of any kind, you need to consider that not all plants “appear to court”, and only relevant bioenergetic parameters. Although, of course, there are among the plants – the defenders and the universal.

* Kalanchoe Blossfelda

This potted plant is a healer useful to have in homes where there is much talk, especially rudely or angrily. In other words, systematically going on “unauthorized” fence of a foreign power. Kalanchoe soothes and heals the vampire donor. The plant just need the people who are constantly dissatisfied with something. It refines the energy of words and thoughts, removes negative energy. This rule should not be neglected, because the energy of unpleasant words and thoughts tajeset atmosphere of the home that over time can lead to chronic diseases of all households. Continue reading

What medication to take for colds?

In the autumn months people purchase in store medicine for colds and flu . In these months there is an urgent need for drugs to prevent and fight colds. Of course, that just at this time prices rise on cold medicine . The most popular 20-30 years ago and now are acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol. However nowadays there are a lot of analogues, which are more expensive. Therefore everyone chooses for themselves what medicine to take for colds . bitter or tasteless pill or powder dissolved in water, has a pleasant fruit or berry taste that relieves symptoms of a cold or flu. Simple nasal drops replaced the bright sprays in convenient vials. However, regardless of the smell, taste, color, both cheap and expensive drugs perform the same function – anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and others, that is fighting the symptoms of colds.

Colds are caused by viruses – the infectious agents that are embedded in cells of the human body and use them for their reproduction. According to the scientists, viruses that cause colds, there are more than two hundred varieties. Why in the world does not exist any best cure for the common cold . However, there are drugs that can get rid of the very unpleasant symptoms – sore throat, high fever, clogged nose, headache. And utilitaristic, as it turned out, you can save. Indeed, instead of aspirin (antipyretic anti-inflammatory medications based on acetylsalicylic acid) can enjoy the same tablet of acetylsalicylic acid, which is much lower than aspirin.

Instead of Immunal (medicines for improving immunity based extract of Echinacea) you can use Echinacea tincture, which is cheaper . than Immunal.

Instead of Tylenol and Koldreks (which relieve symptoms of cold and manufactured on the basis of paracetamol) use the Paracetamol which is cheaper than these drugs several times.

Medications cough Lasolvan and Ambrobene (on the basis of Ambroxol) replace by Ambroxol. Continue reading