Physiotherapy. Suitable for the treatment of
Physiotherapy is the branch of medicine that specializes in the study and application of natural drugs for the treatment of various diseases of the human body. Physiotherapy treatment in dentistry…

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ORANGE: the benefits and harms of useful properties and contraindications.
Millions of people worldwide start their morning with orange or orange juice, because it is delicious and one of the most useful fruit among citrus. Oranges are widely used in…

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Ancient Chinese and Indian herbs medicine

Many people notice that in the autumn sitting down to work and gather your thoughts it becomes harder. However, it appears that to improve brain work not so difficult and it can be done at home, using a mysterious Ginkgo biloba or drinking tea on the basis of Gotu Kola, rosemary or sage. Look at ancient herb that has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to improve brain function.

Scientists were interested in methods of preserving the bright mind and good memory for centuries. Two famous medical school: Chinese traditional medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine has paid particular attention to the study of natural means of maintaining brain activity.

Gotu-Kola is a traditional Chinese and Indian medicine

The Chinese and the Indians happy to drink tea on the basis of Gotu Kola (Gotu Kola), which increases tone and improves blood circulation in the body. This plant should not be confused with the Cola nut (Cola nitida). It does not contain caffeine. Gotu Kola is also a good antioxidant and helps to improve memory. The active substances in Gotu Kola stimulate the formation of collagen and contribute to saillenard. According to the legend of an ancient Chinese scholar lived for more than 200 years, as actively consuming this plant, which is one of the types of parsley and has no special smell or taste. The plant is rich In vitamins a, b, E, K, and it is a great source of magnesium.

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Skin care (folk remedies)

Today, with the abundance of cosmetics, people sometimes forget about the old proven recipes for healthy and beautiful skin.

The woman is influenced by nature much stronger than man. Indeed, the vicissitudes of life, climatic conditions and other factors primarily affect the most sensitive indicator of the skin. And it primarily affects women.

Modern medicine successfully learned how to “cheat” nature and hide the signs of natural aging. Sometimes not without surgery that is never going to health benefits and violates the natural energy balance of the entire body. At all times the woman tried to remain attractive.

Our ancestors came to this issue, as always, a more balanced and have used the tools of nature, which is able to eliminate the cause of the violation, and not to fight the symptoms. Of course, this is a complex of measures, which women enjoy today. Unfortunately, the reality of natural remedies nowadays quite difficult to find, and this is exactly what has been the trump card of our grandmothers.

I want to say a few words about diet. Note how actively penetrates into our life diet and the food culture of Western civilization. Look at the skin of Americans. Is this what we want? There are obvious signs of disharmony with nature. My advice to You, eat and drink, what belasteten for the inhabitants of the area and cultural traditions in which you live. Of course, do not forget that physical activity should match the food. Continue reading

Medicine Of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian is “Terra Incognita” for researchers. The more scientists decode ancient Egyptian texts and excavated monuments, the more mysteries we have to unravel.

Edgar Cayce: “The Chronicles Of Akasha”

The priests in the temples was fixed mutations that appeared in people from Atlantis, as well as their descendants born to women Who of the earth (the territory of Ancient Egypt). What is it? The beginning of modern diseases?

Another researcher, alternative historian notes that the frescoes in the churches, engaged in curing, have only been around since 1800 BC. The impression is that before 1800 BC, no one in Egypt was not sick. The skill of mummification, which required huge knowledge, at least in the field of human anatomy, was practised long before this period. The same researcher notes that around the same time for security purposes, the fourth was destroyed pyramid complex of Giza. All four of the pyramid allegedly used by priests to restore the balance between the material and the spiritual, but also correlates with the cosmic vibration, mainly by the energies of Sirius and Orion. After the destruction of one of the pyramids it was necessary to seek alternative methods of healing people.

The Egyptians believed that lecithinase only with regard to the Trinity or “Mer-Ka-BA”, which means Body-Soul-Spirit. The treatment involved the priests-physicians.In fairness it should be noted that the same approach to the treatment of human acts and Oriental medicine. Western medicine only after visiting the witches, was transferred to mechanical recovery of the body, almost without regard to the state of the soul and the spirit. Mental illnesses and spiritual ailments since the middle ages gave its space at the mercy of religious institutions. Continue reading