Homemade beauty recipes

Nowadays it is very difficult to be beautiful and healthy at the same time. Since many women do not have time to take care of yourself — work, home, family, children, all of this is spent a lot of time.

Currently there are many ways to be beautiful. In pharmacies of the city sell various medications, creams, but the cost of such funds is not always acceptable for your budget.

Let’s look at whether it is possible to be beautiful and to stay young without surgery, creams and medicines. In our world there are many home beauty recipes that take the least time.

Beauty recipes at home

Let’s start with the figures:

To be in shape, every morning should start with a light charge and run, then come home take a cold shower, then a hot Cup of coffee and eat an Apple. Try to sometimes do the fasting day, namely to drink only water. Three hours before sleep try not to eat and before going to bed drink kefir. Taking it into a habit, you will always be in shape. Continue reading

Pineapple: medicinal properties, application and recipes

Pineapple (lat. Ananas) is a tropical herbaceous plant native to the Americas. It belongs to the Bromeliad family and is considered one of the most important fruit crops within tropical countries. The pineapple spread throughout the world, and as an ornamental plant it can be found even in cold climates. Homeland of pineapple can be considered Brazil, as there is this plant still grows in the wild. At the moment spends about eight varieties of pineapple, which occur mainly in South America, Africa and Indonesia. The major producers of this fruit are the US (12%) and Thailand (11.5%).

The plant has a large number of roots, its trunk covered with scales, and the leaves are fleshy, stocking large amounts of moisture. The leaf edges are equipped with spines and covered with a thick layer of epidermis. It is in this layer of pineapple leaves kept the water.

The plant is propagated by selfing. The flowering period lasts about 20 days. At the end, in the center of the trunk formed a powerful stem that represents a set of ovaries, fused with flowers.

Harvesting and storing pineapple

For the people of Europe harvesting of pineapple is to buy it in the local supermarket or vegetable shop. If you plan to use the product for cooking light Calatafimi fruity cocktails, then you need to choose ripe fruit. Ripeness is determined by using several proven methods. First of all, the ripe fruits are orange-yellow and dark skin. No green streaks should not be. Secondly, the teeth on the top of the pineapple, you got to pull – if go effortless, it means ripe. Continue reading