Folk medicine: first aid at high pressure

As for fluid, high blood pressure should not drink more than one and a half liters of fluid a day, all drinks choosing green tea.

Older people are well aware of the nasty disease called hypertension. Well, today one in three people over the age of 30 years suffers from symptoms of high blood pressure and looking for a means to return him to the joy of life without the headache and the throbbing in his temples.

Medicines, is able to at least temporarily get rid of ringing in the ears, headache, and tachycardia, are quite a few, however, like any other medication, they cause considerable damage to the body. The modern pharmacological market is full of fakes, and therefore, it is not amiss to know what folk remedies for high blood pressure effect comparable to take pills. But before that find out the causes of this disease.

Why hypertension occurs

The reasons for this unpleasant disease quite a lot. It can appear because of “bad” heredity, trauma, overexertion, sedentary lifestyle, and Smoking. Moreover, it is noticed that the disease are predisposed fat people, lovers of salty and fried foods.

The principles of nutrition to fight hypertension

Given the importance that has the right food to fight polysensitivity, hypertensive patients are recommended to refrain from fatty and salty food, forget about alcohol and carbonated drinks. Do not get involved and flour products, giving preference to dried black bread. To get rid of hypertension can also a waiver of potassium-rich foods. Continue reading

Marigold or calendula officinalis

We’re in a hurry, in a hurry, afraid even for an instant to look back. We are all the time busy. Not to what. And our life flies by. We do not have time to live, not seeing anything around him.

It’s sad, it’s scary, it’s wrong. Sometimes we don’t notice what’s around next. And the world is so beautiful. The variety of its flowers and colors is amazing.

Marigold, simple beauty

But if you look back, the most common flower bed you will see. What? A miracle, her beauty you can see. And this is our simple calendula, marigolds, differently it is called. Many do not realize that long ago it grew in a completely different part of the world. She came to us from Asia. But in spite of that love her far beyond its borders, including in Europe. Well she feel and cool our climate.

Many marigolds known exclusively as a medicinal plant. Inherent properties such as antibacterial, fairly wide-spectrum antibiotics, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory properties. Well stimulates the immune system.

Take note of this. It can be called a first aid kit. which grows near us, on a conventional bed or a bed.

It can easily become the center piece in any garden, flower beds sleep according to where those are located, if the cottage, town square or Park. It planted individually or together with other colors. Any of these options a win-win. Continue reading

Healing – definition

Healing is the process of partial or full recovery of individuals in accordance with its natural norms through the regulation of energy metabolism. Man is self-healing. And one of the goals of healing is to assist and accelerate the attainment of holistic Wellness.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is healing, built on the collaborative work of the healer and the patient and is associated with knowledge of the laws of Nature. In the course of spiritual healing person takes responsibility for their own health, resulting in changing stereotypes of unnatural forms of behavior. In exchange there is a conscious tab on the subconscious forms of behavior, corresponding to the inner essence of man (his spirit). Ie man, or yogi, puts their behavior into the framework of natural laws and, thereby, reach a greater number of degrees of freedom in its manifestations.

The laws of healing

The laws of healing are those laws that allow you to harmoniously carry out medical practice. A list of some of the laws of healing .

Do no harm.

Without being asked is not the goal (do not ask – do not go).

Healer – heal. Continue reading