Modern physical therapy has immense variety in its physical nature, medical action and applications of methods. Their use is constantly expanding and today therapeutic physical factors are effective in the combined rehabilitative treatment of many diseases. From their use depend not only immediate, but also long-term outcomes, reduced recovery time, reduced frequency of relapses.

Physical factors do not have toxicity, do not cause allergic reactions, are combined with other treatments, including drug therapy. Quality and diverse technical equipment, the latest technology and techniques used in the physiotherapy Department, to create comprehensive programs of treatment and rehabilitation in various pathologies, provide an opportunity to actively participate in treatment and in the acute period of disease and during rehabilitation in more distant terms.

Physiotherapy is used to treat the following diseases:

diseases of the spine,

diseases of the joints,

rehabilitation after injuries,

issues of gynecology and urology,

diseases of the cardiovascular system,

migraine and asthenia,

diseases of the respiratory and ENT pathology. Continue reading

Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in Germany

Diabetes mellitus is a serious endocrinological disease, which develops as a result of insufficient production of hormone insulin (1st type of diabetes) or in violation of the mechanism of interaction with cells of the human body (2nd type of diabetes).

German specialists believe that the predisposition to diabetes mellitus determines heredity, obesity, the presence of diseases that affect the production of insulin (pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis and other disease of the glands of internal secretion), infectious diseases, stress, age-related changes.

To diagnose predisposition to the development of diabetes, the German doctors have developed a special research method, Check-Up Diabetes .

The main symptoms of diabetes:

Dry mouth, unexplained thirst that cannot be quenched;

Increasing the level of daily intake of urine when urinating individual and total;

A sharp increase or decrease in fatty deposits;

Dry skin, itching;

Pustular formation on the soft tissues and skin;


Weakness in muscles; Continue reading