The cultivation of medicinal plants on the site

There are such plants. which should be in each house. No, it’s not flowers and seedlings in the garden. we will focus on medicinal plants, without which it is difficult to do with certain diseases.

The cultivation of medicinal plants on the garden is not as easy as it seems, it is useful to know a few secrets about the planting and harvesting a particular plant.

Many medicinal crops require a very careful approach to the selection of the soil. It helps to know which seeds can be planted directly in the soil, what to sow seedlings. Another important detail is the collection and harvesting. Treatment plants, collected at the wrong season, or improperly prepared, will not lead to the desired result.

Types of medicinal plants and their cultivation

St. John’s wort. What you need to know about growing herbs of this kind. It grows on the territory of Ukraine. The method of planting is quite simple, just St. John’s wort seeds are sown on the surface of the earth. This plant is perennial, and the next year it will bloom and it will be possible to collect and prepare.

Infusion of St. John’s wort increases appetite, reduces fatigue, is used as a diuretic. In medicinethe prescribed to patients with inflammatory processes of the bladder, kidney, colitis, gastritis. But men must be careful, as water extracts of St. John’s wort reduces the potency, also it is contraindicated in atherosclerosis. Continue reading