Healing – definition

Healing is the process of partial or full recovery of individuals in accordance with its natural norms through the regulation of energy metabolism. Man is self-healing. And one of the goals of healing is to assist and accelerate the attainment of holistic Wellness.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is healing, built on the collaborative work of the healer and the patient and is associated with knowledge of the laws of Nature. In the course of spiritual healing person takes responsibility for their own health, resulting in changing stereotypes of unnatural forms of behavior. In exchange there is a conscious tab on the subconscious forms of behavior, corresponding to the inner essence of man (his spirit). Ie man, or yogi, puts their behavior into the framework of natural laws and, thereby, reach a greater number of degrees of freedom in its manifestations.

The laws of healing

The laws of healing are those laws that allow you to harmoniously carry out medical practice. A list of some of the laws of healing .

Do no harm.

Without being asked is not the goal (do not ask – do not go).

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Alternative medicine: the greatness and limitations

There is much on light, friend Horatio,

what did not dream our wise men.

William Shakespeare “Hamlet”

People using traditional and non-traditional (alternative) treatment methods, make their own conscious choice, taking responsibility for their health.

If in terms of traditional medicine are more or less clear, alternative medicine needs to be explained.

Non-traditional (alternative) medicine – conventional concept that combines methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases, which for one reason or another have not received universal acceptance among physicians ( Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia ).

Alternative medicine extensive. According to the world Health Organization (who) to be treated:

– manual therapy (bonesetting, osteopathy, kinesiology, massage, chiropractic);

– herbalism (herbalism and aromatherapy);

– impact on biological points (acupuncture, acupressure, acupuncture);

– bio-energy (bioenergy corrections, bioenergy therapy, treatment by suggestion,meditation); Continue reading

The best healers of Russia

Medical center “Revival” is open from 15 April 1997 and in its first year, became the winner of the Republican contest of medical and health institutions of alternative medicine.

Activity Center awarded thanks to Y. M. Luzhkov “For the attention of Moscow and its contribution to the development of the capital of Russia” and letters of thanks from the Council of Veterans of Moscow.

In their work the specialists of the Center successfully combine traditional methods and traditional medicine.

The main areas of work

The treatment of all types of diseases (disorders of the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, respiratory, nervous, immune systems, musculoskeletal system, etc.)

The rejuvenation program of the body.

Correction of fate and karma; the removal of negative effects (damage, evil eye, curses, etc.); creation of talismans and amulets; establishing protection.

Clairvoyance, all kinds of divination.

Psychological care: anti-stress program, personality testing, psychological consulting, trainings.

Comprehensive medical and psychological assistance to the personnel. Continue reading