The center of energy-informational medicine

“Center of energy-informational medicine” was founded in 2001 and became one of the first medical facilities in Samara, working in the field of bioresonance medicine. At the present time in different parts of the city are four branches of the Center, preparing the opening of the fifth.

The main direction of CAIM – computer electropuncture diagnostics and bioresonance therapy.

Highly qualified specialists using modern diagnostic techniques identify deviations in health status at the stage of preexisting diseases, determine the causes of certain diseases, and based on these data, the individual program of treatment.

The appointment is conducted in a comfortable environment – the test procedure is painless, does not require the introduction into the body in a short period of time the patient receives a large amount of information about your health condition and doctor’s recommendations for treatment and health improvement. According to the results of diagnostics conducted a session of bioresonance therapy.

For 8 years the specialists of “Center of energy-informational medicine” has developed a number of software copyright:

program “Life without drugs” provides a comprehensive survey of the body comprehensive therapeutic programs without the use of pharmacological agents.

the program “Eat and grow thin” will help everyone who is interested in the problem of excess weight. Spetsialistidele causes of metabolic disorders, make an individual Wellness program, choose products, accelerating the metabolism for getting rid of excess weight in the comfort of the body. Continue reading

Beauty secrets of Indian women

In every country women have their own special recipes and secrets of skin care face, body and hair. Take, India. The hot humid climate of this mysterious place imposes its own specific requirements for cosmetics. Indian beauties so much importance is attached not only daily beauty tools, but also cleansing. After all, perfect skin does not imply oily sheen or enlarged pores.

To give the skin a matte finish, and at the same time tighten pores, mix twenty grams of fresh lemon juice with the same amount of cheese. The resulting mixture cover the entire face. After twenty minutes the mask can be washed off.

To clean the skin and get rid of the porosity can be by conventional protein. Apply it on skin in a thin layer. While the mask on the face, prepare the lotion for its removal: in plain water, add a little lemon juice. A quarter of an hour rinse her face.

Dry skin requires a more reverent attitude, but also needs constant and careful cleansing. For this procedure it is necessary to prepare a decoction of herbs. You’ll need ten tea spoons of rose petals, which, incidentally, can be replaced by calendula . and half a Cup of buttermilk. Mix all ingredients and steep them on low heat for half an hour. After a few hours, when the mixture rises, it can be used as a regular mask.

Indian women in care used not only herbs,but also fruit pulp. Fruit masks so much that is simply impossible to count all. Importantly, in the preparation of such mixtures use the fruit free from nitrates, and various chemicals. Continue reading

Marigold or calendula officinalis

We’re in a hurry, in a hurry, afraid even for an instant to look back. We are all the time busy. Not to what. And our life flies by. We do not have time to live, not seeing anything around him.

It’s sad, it’s scary, it’s wrong. Sometimes we don’t notice what’s around next. And the world is so beautiful. The variety of its flowers and colors is amazing.

Marigold, simple beauty

But if you look back, the most common flower bed you will see. What? A miracle, her beauty you can see. And this is our simple calendula, marigolds, differently it is called. Many do not realize that long ago it grew in a completely different part of the world. She came to us from Asia. But in spite of that love her far beyond its borders, including in Europe. Well she feel and cool our climate.

Many marigolds known exclusively as a medicinal plant. Inherent properties such as antibacterial, fairly wide-spectrum antibiotics, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory properties. Well stimulates the immune system.

Take note of this. It can be called a first aid kit. which grows near us, on a conventional bed or a bed.

It can easily become the center piece in any garden, flower beds sleep according to where those are located, if the cottage, town square or Park. It planted individually or together with other colors. Any of these options a win-win. Continue reading