Pineapple: medicinal properties, application and recipes
Pineapple (lat. Ananas) is a tropical herbaceous plant native to the Americas. It belongs to the Bromeliad family and is considered one of the most important fruit crops within tropical…

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Herbs and medicinal plants
The whole army of modest but very strong "green warriors green pharmacy" for many centuries in helping mankind fight a variety of diseases. Even the active development of traditional, scientific…

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The center of energy-informational medicine

“Center of energy-informational medicine” was founded in 2001 and became one of the first medical facilities in Samara, working in the field of bioresonance medicine. At the present time in different parts of the city are four branches of the Center, preparing the opening of the fifth.

The main direction of CAIM – computer electropuncture diagnostics and bioresonance therapy.

Highly qualified specialists using modern diagnostic techniques identify deviations in health status at the stage of preexisting diseases, determine the causes of certain diseases, and based on these data, the individual program of treatment.

The appointment is conducted in a comfortable environment – the test procedure is painless, does not require the introduction into the body in a short period of time the patient receives a large amount of information about your health condition and doctor’s recommendations for treatment and health improvement. According to the results of diagnostics conducted a session of bioresonance therapy.

For 8 years the specialists of “Center of energy-informational medicine” has developed a number of software copyright:

program “Life without drugs” provides a comprehensive survey of the body comprehensive therapeutic programs without the use of pharmacological agents.

the program “Eat and grow thin” will help everyone who is interested in the problem of excess weight. Spetsialistidele causes of metabolic disorders, make an individual Wellness program, choose products, accelerating the metabolism for getting rid of excess weight in the comfort of the body. Continue reading

Alternative medicine, lechenii non-traditional medicine, non-traditional methods of treatment of diseases

Alternative medicine is a system of scientific knowledge and practical measures that are grouped for the purpose of detection, treatment and prevention of diseases, preservation and strengthening of health and working capacity of people, of life extension. Traditional medicine is the totality of people accumulated empirical knowledge about the healing medicine, medicinal herbs and hygiene practices, and their practical application of methods of alternative medicine to maintain health, prevent and treat disease.

The medicine can be divided into scientific and non-traditional. Scientific medicine includes a system of knowledge on healing, based on data from scientific and technical progress, linked to experiment, research, experiments, which are empirical knowledge and philosophical ideas that are scientifically based concepts, hypotheses, theories.

Alternative medicine includes all methods of diagnosis and treatment whose effectiveness at the specific pathology has not been proven in clinical trials. Typically, alternative medicine has a deep history based on centuries-old experience of a people. Today, an important aspect of modern medicine is its close integration of scientific and traditional medicine, European and Vostochnoy ensure higher effectiveness of health promotion and treatment of many human diseases.

Unconventional treatments for diseases

Medical science claims that the fundamental role in the development of the disease play rather than internal and external factors. Many areas of alternative medicine, by contrast, are built on the deep conviction that the root cause of any disease, and therefore a potential medicine lie deep within a patient, primarily in his mental and spiritual spheres. Representatives of alternative medicine see as your role is to help the patient himself to mobilize internal reserves, while conventional doctors lay all responsibility for the results of treatment on themselves and on the applied methods of treatment. Continue reading

Herbs and medicinal plants

The whole army of modest but very strong “green warriors green pharmacy” for many centuries in helping mankind fight a variety of diseases. Even the active development of traditional, scientific medicine does not diminish the importance that medicinal herbs and plants. The secrets of growing, assembling, storage and use of previously passed from generation to generation, carefully kept. But due to the fact that herbs and their use become the subject of study of scientists, they created a detailed reference, information about herbal medicine became available to the public. And now often a Cup of tea with Clary sage replaces “duty” for the headache, and the essential oil from the same plant, for example, is used instead of the famous Vishnevsky ointment, as it has excellent healing and antibacterial properties.

And this is just one of thousands of examples of the use of “green pharmacy” of nature. Each region is characterized by certain medicinal herbs and plants. Nature seemed to have taken care that in every corner of the earth man could resort to the miraculous power of herbal medicine. In the summer, during walks through the fragrant lanes or forest trails would like to collect miracle drug rasteniyav healing bouquet and use them when needed. But note that medicinal herbs and their applications require at least basic knowledge, and in the treatment of some diseases it is necessary to consult with an experienced doctor

Also very important is the observance of the rules of collecting herbs. All medicinal plants have their period when they are in the fully saturated with the healing powers. More safe and reliable to buy herbs, teas, floral and herbal blends for home aromatherapy, collected and dried by experienced specialists, in specialized pharmacies. And it is very important to follow the recipe of decoction, ointment, tinctures. Overdose drug from medicinal plants can also be dangerous. Continue reading