The circus is the most famous Balinese healer

The faith healing and fortune telling – a common occurrence in Bali. If there is any spirituality, healing and shamanism especially, are for “feature”, Bali all mysticism is in order.

Any honest Balinese knows that there is another world and it is much closer to tangible reality than it seems at first glance, so to keep the balance between “good” and “evil”, “bad” and “good” — our sacred duty. And people who feel fine the rest of the world a better place, referred to as healers (from eng. healer – the healer) and turn to them for help when the energy body fails, there is a lack of energy or a certain disease on a physical level.

On the harm and benefit of such experiments does not speak only the lazy. Someone believes and does not neglect the opportunity to go to energy specialist, the other says that all this is at best useless, and sometimes dangerous, because this is interference in your power shell…

See also, 5 tourist mistakes in Belgrade, Romantic tour to Russia, Snowboarding in the Caucasus: Elbrus, Beautiful cities in the lens tilt-shift, Stockholm metro.Living in Bali, my opinion on that is smoothly transformed from “don’t believe and will never go” through “anything in life is possible, and perhaps sometimes useful”. As tablets, with one side an obvious evil, and when the fever and chills, any talk about that would be superfluous, it is necessary to help himself. Also with healers, sometimes it makes sense to go for a massage…energy. Continue reading


We all know plants-healers perfectly correct energy at home, but their problem (and maybe happiness) that they can’t come to you at the right time, to touch, to look into the eyes, to take away the excess negative energy, relieving you from headaches, depression, depression.

* Japanese maple, geranium, moss, tradescantia

These plants not only heal, but restore power.

If the leaves of tradescantia turned yellow, it means that the apartment appeared “evil”.

Be sure to get the geranium. It is great energy collects dirt, make the air fresh and fragrant. The greatest power of red blooming geraniums.

When planning a breeding of any kind, you need to consider that not all plants “appear to court”, and only relevant bioenergetic parameters. Although, of course, there are among the plants – the defenders and the universal.

* Kalanchoe Blossfelda

This potted plant is a healer useful to have in homes where there is much talk, especially rudely or angrily. In other words, systematically going on “unauthorized” fence of a foreign power. Kalanchoe soothes and heals the vampire donor. The plant just need the people who are constantly dissatisfied with something. It refines the energy of words and thoughts, removes negative energy. This rule should not be neglected, because the energy of unpleasant words and thoughts tajeset atmosphere of the home that over time can lead to chronic diseases of all households. Continue reading

Skin care (folk remedies)

Today, with the abundance of cosmetics, people sometimes forget about the old proven recipes for healthy and beautiful skin.

The woman is influenced by nature much stronger than man. Indeed, the vicissitudes of life, climatic conditions and other factors primarily affect the most sensitive indicator of the skin. And it primarily affects women.

Modern medicine successfully learned how to “cheat” nature and hide the signs of natural aging. Sometimes not without surgery that is never going to health benefits and violates the natural energy balance of the entire body. At all times the woman tried to remain attractive.

Our ancestors came to this issue, as always, a more balanced and have used the tools of nature, which is able to eliminate the cause of the violation, and not to fight the symptoms. Of course, this is a complex of measures, which women enjoy today. Unfortunately, the reality of natural remedies nowadays quite difficult to find, and this is exactly what has been the trump card of our grandmothers.

I want to say a few words about diet. Note how actively penetrates into our life diet and the food culture of Western civilization. Look at the skin of Americans. Is this what we want? There are obvious signs of disharmony with nature. My advice to You, eat and drink, what belasteten for the inhabitants of the area and cultural traditions in which you live. Of course, do not forget that physical activity should match the food. Continue reading

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