Thai folk medicine

Traditional medicine in Thailand is based on phytotherapy (herbs), but not only. Any plant affects the body in different ways. The recipes depend on the energy balance of the patient and his disease, because people with the same diagnoses doctors may receive different treatment.

Besides drugs, you can use the services – acupuncture, Thai massage, diet therapy, meditation. Herbal medicines are widely used for compresses, steam inhalation, at the time of adoption of the baths and saunas. Proved to be excellent in treating all kinds of diseases: body lotions, balms for joints, massage the pouches of herbs, bitters for cleansing vessels. Traditional medicines can be found in the pharmacies of the country .

Recipes folk remedies stored and transmitted dedicated.It is, as a rule, the descendants of Thai healers or monks living in temples deep in the mountains. In these places people are coming from all corners of Thailand and beyond. They do not advertise and find out about them only to locals.

Sometimes folk remedies look very unusual for foreigners. Dried snake, snake tincture of viscera, the infusion of special species of scolopender centipede. Tincture of scolopendra is added to the micro – doses in other funds. Helps to improve digestion, treat tumors. Warm oil rubbing nastoikas with this terrible insect — helps with pain in joints and muscles, and colds and coughs, and headaches (massage a little oil to certain points on the head).

Collection of herbs with the addition of tincture of black Scorpions — increases male strength, normalizes blood pressure and relieves muscle spasms.

Now, many traditional medicines are studied in large Medical institutions of Thailand. Some medications that can be bought at Thai pharmacies — based on the recipes of folk medicine.

Important point — the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in a Thai monastery. Continue reading

Alternative medicine – acupuncture, heat, light and vivid colors

Disputes on the effectiveness of alternative medicine, with no end in sight. Owning such methods experts say that a serious illness like cancer can treat, but in a great many cases, the impact on the active points of the body really helps. Headache and other pain can sometimes be removed by yourself.

Disputes on the effectiveness of alternative medicine, with no end in sight. Owning such methods experts say that a serious illness like cancer can treat, but in a great many cases, the impact on the active points of the body really helps. Headache and other pain can sometimes be removed by yourself.

Doctor of Oriental medicine ain Svetushkin shared their secrets in the First channel. First, it clarified the meaning of “acupuncture”. “If we say “acupuncture”, it’s really a method of influence with a needle, but if we consider acupuncture as one of the methods of acupuncture, then our concept will be much wider,” said the doctor. According to her, if to influence on biologically active point spot touch, this will be called acupressure. “Clockwise rotation will affect a tonic, against the will chasovoyarsky sedative impact,” she said.

To influence points you can use heat “wormwood cigar”. Warming up is performed remotely, said the specialist. “Without touching the body, let the warmth of the cigar, to influence the point. We can use light therapy, we can use, for example, the action of magnets,” said she.

According to the expert, the choice of method is determined primarily, what illness, what problems and complaints came people; on the second place – age. “People over the age of 70-75 years, acupuncture may be a relative contraindication,” he added Svetushkin. Also, according to her, acupuncture may be contraindicated for small children, also with possible cancer or skin diseases. Continue reading

Herbs and medicinal plants

The whole army of modest but very strong “green warriors green pharmacy” for many centuries in helping mankind fight a variety of diseases. Even the active development of traditional, scientific medicine does not diminish the importance that medicinal herbs and plants. The secrets of growing, assembling, storage and use of previously passed from generation to generation, carefully kept. But due to the fact that herbs and their use become the subject of study of scientists, they created a detailed reference, information about herbal medicine became available to the public. And now often a Cup of tea with Clary sage replaces “duty” for the headache, and the essential oil from the same plant, for example, is used instead of the famous Vishnevsky ointment, as it has excellent healing and antibacterial properties.

And this is just one of thousands of examples of the use of “green pharmacy” of nature. Each region is characterized by certain medicinal herbs and plants. Nature seemed to have taken care that in every corner of the earth man could resort to the miraculous power of herbal medicine. In the summer, during walks through the fragrant lanes or forest trails would like to collect miracle drug rasteniyav healing bouquet and use them when needed. But note that medicinal herbs and their applications require at least basic knowledge, and in the treatment of some diseases it is necessary to consult with an experienced doctor

Also very important is the observance of the rules of collecting herbs. All medicinal plants have their period when they are in the fully saturated with the healing powers. More safe and reliable to buy herbs, teas, floral and herbal blends for home aromatherapy, collected and dried by experienced specialists, in specialized pharmacies. And it is very important to follow the recipe of decoction, ointment, tinctures. Overdose drug from medicinal plants can also be dangerous. Continue reading

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