The world of medicinal herbs, treatment of folk remedies

Description: more and more people in the modern world understand the benefits of treatment with natural means. We can confidently say that herbal medicines have a more mild effect, less toxic, Show full profile… than the synthetic, non-addictive and allergies, have no side adverse effects.

Excerpt from the book BORIS Greenblatt’s

“DIAGNOSIS: or Treatment to live?”

Question: How cancer treatment can help “weed” and diet if not even the chemo? Show full…

Answer: Over the last 100 years medicine further and further departs from the principle that if the body gets all he needs from his environment, he will not suffer chronic illnesses (including cancer), and will quickly and easily recover from acute diseases. However, this principle is even more relevant today, when we all felt deficiency of nutrients in the abundance of food, as the soil has become very poor, and the process of industrial production of food removes food from our meagre quantity of essential nutrients. What is needed for our body (more precisely its anatomical and functional unit — cell) for a painless existence? We need 90 minerals,16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids. Note that among these substances, there is chemotherapy — it is our cells don’t need!

Medicine intentionally sets a high barrier for the treatment of severe diseases. You want to convince that if the disease is severe, the treatment must be very expensive, difficult and dangerous. Not does it remind you approach a dishonest mechanic to inspect your car that understands that you absolutely do not understand the subject? He will put up an expensive bill, and even flood the bad oil, so you make haste back. Continue reading

How animals heal humans

Animals are not only loyal people, they know how to treat. It has long been known that cats and dogs are able to relieve the stress of the owner, to normalize the pressure, and with horses and dolphins can cure even mental diseases. But the “animal” therapy choice deliberately, to attract professionals or closely monitor your pet. After all, the same cat, for example, may not be in the mood to treat you…

Animal-assisted therapy – the treatment of animals is shrouded in myths. Medical literature likes to describe this process literally as a panacea, almost comparable with the effects of traditional medicine. Unfortunately, failure to provide medical assistance, hope for a positive outcome in the application of alternative methods may lead to irreparable consequences. And such cases already described quite a lot. Therefore, it is better to understand the purpose of animal therapy as a psychological “crutch”. support the person in a difficult situation for him.

Thus, dogs often “work” with children with autism and those with down syndrome, patients with cerebral palsy. No matter whether it’s a cute little dog Maltese or reliable, faithful friend Labrador, in any case, socializing with friends person particularly well in locatedhere psychophysiological development. problems of communication when the child is aggressive or, on the contrary, reserved and shy. And this is a great work for the dog. Because sometimes she just needs to lie still with your sick hours so that he relaxed and began to trust her, sometimes crawling with the child or to overcome obstacles. And sometimes she even obliged to endure shoving, punching, loud cry of a baby – in General, any behavior that goes beyond. However, she has no right to growl, to bark, growl or otherwise show their displeasure. Continue reading

What medication to take for colds?

In the autumn months people purchase in store medicine for colds and flu . In these months there is an urgent need for drugs to prevent and fight colds. Of course, that just at this time prices rise on cold medicine . The most popular 20-30 years ago and now are acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol. However nowadays there are a lot of analogues, which are more expensive. Therefore everyone chooses for themselves what medicine to take for colds . bitter or tasteless pill or powder dissolved in water, has a pleasant fruit or berry taste that relieves symptoms of a cold or flu. Simple nasal drops replaced the bright sprays in convenient vials. However, regardless of the smell, taste, color, both cheap and expensive drugs perform the same function – anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and others, that is fighting the symptoms of colds.

Colds are caused by viruses – the infectious agents that are embedded in cells of the human body and use them for their reproduction. According to the scientists, viruses that cause colds, there are more than two hundred varieties. Why in the world does not exist any best cure for the common cold . However, there are drugs that can get rid of the very unpleasant symptoms – sore throat, high fever, clogged nose, headache. And utilitaristic, as it turned out, you can save. Indeed, instead of aspirin (antipyretic anti-inflammatory medications based on acetylsalicylic acid) can enjoy the same tablet of acetylsalicylic acid, which is much lower than aspirin.

Instead of Immunal (medicines for improving immunity based extract of Echinacea) you can use Echinacea tincture, which is cheaper . than Immunal.

Instead of Tylenol and Koldreks (which relieve symptoms of cold and manufactured on the basis of paracetamol) use the Paracetamol which is cheaper than these drugs several times.

Medications cough Lasolvan and Ambrobene (on the basis of Ambroxol) replace by Ambroxol. Continue reading