the cultivation of medicinal plants on plantations. Includes a range of activities aimed at studying the regularities of development of plants in new conditions of growth and development of agrotechnical measures for their cultivation. Work on the introduction in culture of new kinds of medicinal plants carried out in 3 stages. The first stage is the gathering of seed and planting material. This is the main stage of the work, because populations of wild medicinal plants in different parts of their ranges differ in the quantitative content of biologically active substances, and these differences are genetically determined. Requires the accumulation of a large number of planting or sowing material, represents the maximum number of forms and ecotypes of the studied species. In parallel, study the environmental conditions and characteristics of growth and development of wild medicinal plants. In the second stage set of biological features of wild species in terms of culture and its biological potential. Study the life cycle of plants and necessary conditions of the external environment; growth and yield (productivity) of the plant development phase during procurement of raw material; the content of active (bioactive) substances in raw materials, etc. On the basis of the information received provide an economic evaluation of new medicinal crops (expect the cost of raw materials), determine the area of its placement, develop farming techniques of cultivation on the plantation.The need for selecting the areas for cultivation of new medicinal crops due to the geographical variability of their raw material productivity and content of biologically active substances. For example, in the dry subtropics of the content in the plant alkaloids, saponins, essential oils and Sugars is significantly higher than that in Northern and middle belt. Some plants can grow only within their natural range, others tolerate acclimatization. Continue reading

The best healers of Russia

Medical center “Revival” is open from 15 April 1997 and in its first year, became the winner of the Republican contest of medical and health institutions of alternative medicine.

Activity Center awarded thanks to Y. M. Luzhkov “For the attention of Moscow and its contribution to the development of the capital of Russia” and letters of thanks from the Council of Veterans of Moscow.

In their work the specialists of the Center successfully combine traditional methods and traditional medicine.

The main areas of work

The treatment of all types of diseases (disorders of the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, respiratory, nervous, immune systems, musculoskeletal system, etc.)

The rejuvenation program of the body.

Correction of fate and karma; the removal of negative effects (damage, evil eye, curses, etc.); creation of talismans and amulets; establishing protection.

Clairvoyance, all kinds of divination.

Psychological care: anti-stress program, personality testing, psychological consulting, trainings.

Comprehensive medical and psychological assistance to the personnel. Continue reading

Academy Health

As a result of the absence of a strong immune system, stable psyche, and pollution of the ecological environment, in our world, there are many unknown to our ancestors diseases, such as AIDS, various mutations of the flu virus(avian, swine, etc.) and new forms of cancer. In addition, significantly increased the number of cardiovascular diseases. It is obvious that the result of the progression of the global economic crisis will be a new milestone in the development of diseases threatening the life of each of us individually and the human population as a whole.

The exit from this situation lies beyond the sphere of influence of modern medicine, based on the products of pharmaceutical industry, i.e., it cannot be replaced with money or medicines.

Good health and success come to the people, free from the stress. Our stress generated errors and problems resulting from these errors. Knowing how to reduce and get rid of these errors, and brings us harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.

To ensure the survival and prosperity of both an individual and community as a whole throughout our planet, it is vital for us to master the knowledge of the universal laws of harmony of existence. Therefore, every day become more and more popular technology of the disclosure potencialidade person.

So today’s world heightens the need of the population for specialists in improving techniques and harmony of human life.

If You experience the desire to live harmonious and healthy lives, then, using the received at the Academy Health knowledge, will be able to successfully improve all spheres of individual and social life. Continue reading