Herbs and medicinal plants

The whole army of modest but very strong “green warriors green pharmacy” for many centuries in helping mankind fight a variety of diseases. Even the active development of traditional, scientific medicine does not diminish the importance that medicinal herbs and plants. The secrets of growing, assembling, storage and use of previously passed from generation to generation, carefully kept. But due to the fact that herbs and their use become the subject of study of scientists, they created a detailed reference, information about herbal medicine became available to the public. And now often a Cup of tea with Clary sage replaces “duty” for the headache, and the essential oil from the same plant, for example, is used instead of the famous Vishnevsky ointment, as it has excellent healing and antibacterial properties.

And this is just one of thousands of examples of the use of “green pharmacy” of nature. Each region is characterized by certain medicinal herbs and plants. Nature seemed to have taken care that in every corner of the earth man could resort to the miraculous power of herbal medicine. In the summer, during walks through the fragrant lanes or forest trails would like to collect miracle drug rasteniyav healing bouquet and use them when needed. But note that medicinal herbs and their applications require at least basic knowledge, and in the treatment of some diseases it is necessary to consult with an experienced doctor

Also very important is the observance of the rules of collecting herbs. All medicinal plants have their period when they are in the fully saturated with the healing powers. More safe and reliable to buy herbs, teas, floral and herbal blends for home aromatherapy, collected and dried by experienced specialists, in specialized pharmacies. And it is very important to follow the recipe of decoction, ointment, tinctures. Overdose drug from medicinal plants can also be dangerous. Continue reading

How animals heal humans

Animals are not only loyal people, they know how to treat. It has long been known that cats and dogs are able to relieve the stress of the owner, to normalize the pressure, and with horses and dolphins can cure even mental diseases. But the “animal” therapy choice deliberately, to attract professionals or closely monitor your pet. After all, the same cat, for example, may not be in the mood to treat you…

Animal-assisted therapy – the treatment of animals is shrouded in myths. Medical literature likes to describe this process literally as a panacea, almost comparable with the effects of traditional medicine. Unfortunately, failure to provide medical assistance, hope for a positive outcome in the application of alternative methods may lead to irreparable consequences. And such cases already described quite a lot. Therefore, it is better to understand the purpose of animal therapy as a psychological “crutch”. support the person in a difficult situation for him.

Thus, dogs often “work” with children with autism and those with down syndrome, patients with cerebral palsy. No matter whether it’s a cute little dog Maltese or reliable, faithful friend Labrador, in any case, socializing with friends person particularly well in locatedhere psychophysiological development. problems of communication when the child is aggressive or, on the contrary, reserved and shy. And this is a great work for the dog. Because sometimes she just needs to lie still with your sick hours so that he relaxed and began to trust her, sometimes crawling with the child or to overcome obstacles. And sometimes she even obliged to endure shoving, punching, loud cry of a baby – in General, any behavior that goes beyond. However, she has no right to growl, to bark, growl or otherwise show their displeasure. Continue reading

Chinese cosmetics – the way to beauty and health

The Chinese since ancient times take care of own health and longevity. The preservation of beauty and youth, as reported by a reliable and trusted source  things that form the basis of the worldview of the Chinese.

So they have a special place was given to development of the entire medical history for thousands of years, was engaged in the improvement of medical and cosmetic products. These two areas, which have always been interrelated, therefore, often cosmetic was at one and the same time medicine.

Why Chinese cosmetics useful?

The beauty of the body and face always and everywhere valued very highly. Chinese philosophy was deprived, in contrast to European disdain of the human body. China appreciated the healthy and soft skin, strong hair and teeth.

The healing properties of Chinese cosmetics due to the fact that it is made from natural ingredients. The basis of cosmetic products are medicinal herbs, fruits and roots.

About the properties of ginseng, in our country has long been known. They are absolutely harmless, but have amazing medicinal properties.

The Chinese cosmetics has a beneficial effect on health. Improves skin color, hair becomes stronger. Chinese lotions and balms is good for the fact that they don’t have sharp nepriyatnogo and do not cause discomfort (redness, burning sensation, loss of rash). Continue reading