Traditional medicine of Bolivia
The city is located in the heart of the volcano, which is extinct for many millions of years ago. And this could not affect of life city. So, the atmosphere…

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Chinese cosmetics – the way to beauty and health
The Chinese since ancient times take care of own health and longevity. The preservation of beauty and youth, as reported by a reliable and trusted source  things that form the…

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Red elderberry: the benefits and harms

Elderberry exists in nature in three forms: herbaceous, black and red. Herbaceous elderberry is rare, more common are black and red. In Russia, the elder that was brought from Europe. It has been used for the decorations of gardens and parks. Undemanding plant have taken root and quickly spread throughout Russia.

Red elderberry – poisonous shrub with an unpleasant odor and taste. Its buds are egg-shaped, branch with fruit resembles a grape. The berries attracted by its beautiful appearance, but it is better not to try them raw − they are not only tasteless but also poisonous.

Given that the elderberry are poisonous, it should be applied with caution, complying with the prescribed dosage, under the supervision of a doctor-fitoterapevta

Official medicine does not use red elderberry for medicinal purposes, so poorly understood its chemical composition. But we know that there is the glycoside of sambunigrin, which forms hydrocyanic acid, and this known poison. However, this plant is used in folk medicine, and as medicinal raw materials use the leaves, flowers, fruits, bark and roots.

Useful svojstvenny red and its application

Composed of red elderberry contains the following nutrients:

– vitamin C – rutin;- essential oils;- fatty non-drying oil;- sugar;- organic acids;- volatile;- tannins – glycosides. Continue reading

Skin care (folk remedies)

Today, with the abundance of cosmetics, people sometimes forget about the old proven recipes for healthy and beautiful skin.

The woman is influenced by nature much stronger than man. Indeed, the vicissitudes of life, climatic conditions and other factors primarily affect the most sensitive indicator of the skin. And it primarily affects women.

Modern medicine successfully learned how to “cheat” nature and hide the signs of natural aging. Sometimes not without surgery that is never going to health benefits and violates the natural energy balance of the entire body. At all times the woman tried to remain attractive.

Our ancestors came to this issue, as always, a more balanced and have used the tools of nature, which is able to eliminate the cause of the violation, and not to fight the symptoms. Of course, this is a complex of measures, which women enjoy today. Unfortunately, the reality of natural remedies nowadays quite difficult to find, and this is exactly what has been the trump card of our grandmothers.

I want to say a few words about diet. Note how actively penetrates into our life diet and the food culture of Western civilization. Look at the skin of Americans. Is this what we want? There are obvious signs of disharmony with nature. My advice to You, eat and drink, what belasteten for the inhabitants of the area and cultural traditions in which you live. Of course, do not forget that physical activity should match the food. Continue reading

Potatoes – Solanum tuberosum L.

The edible potato is an annual herbaceous plant, 50-100 cm tall, with branched subterranean shoots, on which are formed the tubers. Ground stems branched, pubescent with adpressed to the stem hairs. The fitful sheets-Gypsy-pristrastie, with 7-11 large and smaller leaves, ovate, tense, with oblique base, glabrous above, downy. Flowers are collected at the apex in the inflorescence, spike-like Corolla, white, reddish, or bluish purple. The fruit is a green spherical berry, 1.5-2 cm in diameter.

Blooms in June – July.

It grows in the culture throughout the middle latitudes of Eurasia. Planted as field crops. A food that is popular in each house for almost round the year. Comes from South America.

Harvested in autumn the tubers are red varieties.

Used as a dietary aid. The potato has a lot of organic and inorganic compounds, and they laid it in useful for the human body proportions. The potato uralaudit high concentration of the glycoalkaloid solanine (in flowers, shoots and tubers poseleniya sites, 1500-3500 mg%), in small concentrations – 6-40 mg% – has a beneficial effect on the function of the stomach and intestines. Potato proteins have a 14 and 20 amino acids . required to build the cells of our body. Since that time, both in Europe spread of potato cultivation, has disappeared here the epidemic of scurvy, which took many lives; eating potatoes covered nearly 50% of the body’s need for vitamin C . Continue reading