The center of energy-informational medicine

“Center of energy-informational medicine” was founded in 2001 and became one of the first medical facilities in Samara, working in the field of bioresonance medicine. At the present time in different parts of the city are four branches of the Center, preparing the opening of the fifth.

The main direction of CAIM – computer electropuncture diagnostics and bioresonance therapy.

Highly qualified specialists using modern diagnostic techniques identify deviations in health status at the stage of preexisting diseases, determine the causes of certain diseases, and based on these data, the individual program of treatment.

The appointment is conducted in a comfortable environment – the test procedure is painless, does not require the introduction into the body in a short period of time the patient receives a large amount of information about your health condition and doctor’s recommendations for treatment and health improvement. According to the results of diagnostics conducted a session of bioresonance therapy.

For 8 years the specialists of “Center of energy-informational medicine” has developed a number of software copyright:

program “Life without drugs” provides a comprehensive survey of the body comprehensive therapeutic programs without the use of pharmacological agents.

the program “Eat and grow thin” will help everyone who is interested in the problem of excess weight. Spetsialistidele causes of metabolic disorders, make an individual Wellness program, choose products, accelerating the metabolism for getting rid of excess weight in the comfort of the body. Continue reading

Bio-energy therapy (Energy healing)

Managing the energy of the human biofield, as discussed in the article “bio-energy impact”, allows you to perform diagnostic and healing steps.

Briefly describe some moments of this practice.

Some of the techniques of diagnosis

Each cell of a living organism gives a whole range of signals: sound, color, vibration, temperature. The ability to recognize these signals in combination with in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, allows a maximum precision to carry out medical diagnostics.

Touch diagnostics is an important addition to the hardware and laboratory diagnostics. Is it as auras directly on the basis of tactile sensations of the hand with a framework of indicators or pendulum, internal, or mental vision.

When conducting autodiagnostika it should be borne in mind that the form of the aura of a healthy person is round or oval, ovoid, smooth; tactile sensations – tight, elastic. If there are any abnormalities in the body shape of the aura varies, as well as the sensation. It is expressed in the emergence of the so-called energy pits, craters, humps and breaks.

Another common type of sensor diagnostics – diagnostics by the chakras. As already noted, the human biofield is maintained at a particular desired level of the energy centers – chakras.Ancient and modern researchers have found that the chakras are conventionally conical shape or the shape of a Lotus flower with a funnel located at the front just below the skin and the top few millimetres of the spine. Each chakra is correlated with a specific group of organs. Violation of energy of the particular chakra indicates a predisposition relevant group of bodies to a functional or organic disorders. Diagnosis can be performed using the framework of indicators. Continue reading

How animals heal humans

Animals are not only loyal people, they know how to treat. It has long been known that cats and dogs are able to relieve the stress of the owner, to normalize the pressure, and with horses and dolphins can cure even mental diseases. But the “animal” therapy choice deliberately, to attract professionals or closely monitor your pet. After all, the same cat, for example, may not be in the mood to treat you…

Animal-assisted therapy – the treatment of animals is shrouded in myths. Medical literature likes to describe this process literally as a panacea, almost comparable with the effects of traditional medicine. Unfortunately, failure to provide medical assistance, hope for a positive outcome in the application of alternative methods may lead to irreparable consequences. And such cases already described quite a lot. Therefore, it is better to understand the purpose of animal therapy as a psychological “crutch”. support the person in a difficult situation for him.

Thus, dogs often “work” with children with autism and those with down syndrome, patients with cerebral palsy. No matter whether it’s a cute little dog Maltese or reliable, faithful friend Labrador, in any case, socializing with friends person particularly well in locatedhere psychophysiological development. problems of communication when the child is aggressive or, on the contrary, reserved and shy. And this is a great work for the dog. Because sometimes she just needs to lie still with your sick hours so that he relaxed and began to trust her, sometimes crawling with the child or to overcome obstacles. And sometimes she even obliged to endure shoving, punching, loud cry of a baby – in General, any behavior that goes beyond. However, she has no right to growl, to bark, growl or otherwise show their displeasure. Continue reading